#3226 Unable to remove mail from postfix queue



first, thanks for a great tool! Webmin makes my life a lot easier.

After upgrading 1.430 to 1.441 it's no longer possible to remove messages from the postfix mail queue.
When I open a message and click the Delete button, or when I check one or more messages from the queue and click Delete Selected Messages, I get a confirmation screen. After clicking Delete Messages it will take me back to the mail queue without deleting anything.

If I change line 32 in delete_queues.cgi to bypass the confirmation -if(true)- the messages will be deleted as expected. So the problem seemed to be in in the confirmation step.
I've compared this script between webmin 1.430 and 1.441 and there are changes in the confirmation code. Most notably the hidden field names are now -f- compared to -file- in the previous version.

Changing line 56 in postfix/delete_queues.cgi from:
[ map { [ 'f', $_ ] } @files ],
[ map { [ 'file', $_ ] } @files ],
fixes the problem.

Using postfix 2.3.8-2+etch1 on Debian Etch.

on a side note, I really miss the configuration option to disable the delete confirmation completely...



  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2008-10-31
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi Jamie,

    thanks for your reply. And I'm sorry for the double. I only searched for Open and Pending status. You are too quick for me... ;) I'll be more careful next time.

    Webmin 1.23 for one had Yes/No radio controls for -Confirm before deleting messages- in the MTA module configs. Would be nice to have that extra bit of control, but it's not big issue.


  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2008-11-01

    I'll add an option on the Module Config page to control confirmation in the next Webmin release..

  • MegamanNL

    MegamanNL - 2009-01-27

    Hi Jamie,
    just downloaded 1.450 and wanted to say thanks for the fixes and configuration option. You rule!


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