#1560 PrintJobID generation faulty in jobs list


We have here kind of uncommon login names. They are all of
this scheme:
DDLLLDDD with D for Digit and L for letter.

When I let webmin list the print jobs, the Job ID is a combination
of the last three digits and the real job ID. With "normal"
login-names this doesnt happen.
At the same time the job-owner is only represented as DDLLL,
the last three digits are missing.

I already tried to figure out, why the generation of the ID, Name
and so on fails, but I didn't succeed yet.


  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2004-04-03

    Logged In: YES

    I would be interested in seeing the output from the command
    lpq -Pprintername
    on your system. I suspect that the job ID and username
    columns are
    being combined, making it hard for Webmin to parse the job list.

  • Barthle IT

    Barthle IT - 2004-05-21

    Logged In: YES

    Sorry for the long waiting time.

    You are right, the lpq command mixes username and jobid to a singe

    Looks like that:
    pcr2tinte is not ready
    Rank Owner Job File(s) Total Size
    1st 01htt0019208 smbprn.009326.hyDl0Z 2048 bytes

    For a better input, woulnd it be better to use lpstat -u, as lpq limits the
    username to 8 characters? Or does this make trouble on other OSses
    or with other printing systems than cups?

  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2004-05-22
    • status: open --> closed
  • Jamie Cameron

    Jamie Cameron - 2004-05-22

    Logged In: YES

    I will update Webmin in future to handle this format, which
    will solve the problem .. Thanks for the lpq output example!


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