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New GnuLedger Win32 installer released.

The new Windows installer for GnuLedger has been released.

There may still be issues with the installer, so <b>please</b> report any bugs/problems you encounter to the GnuLedger team.

In order for this install to work, you must have a recent installation of MySQL, Apache, and Perl on your system.

Posted by Mike Hore 2002-06-04

GnuLedger Win32 installer completed!

The GnuLedger project has just completed its new installer, which is meant to replace the VERY buggy installer that was released earlier this year.

Users wishing to run GnuLedger under Windows will have to download Apache, MySQL, and ActiveState's ActivePerl 5.6.1 for Win32 systems.

The new installer will install GnuLedger into the Apache cgi-bin directory, and configure it to run.

Look for the Win32 installer on the GnuLedger project page later this week -- after preliminary bug testing is complete.... read more

Posted by Mike Hore 2002-05-22

GnuLedger website moves to!

Thanks to Dave Rich (verbal) for registering/paying for/hosting this domain.

Posted by Mike Hore 2002-04-24

GnuLedger 0.2.xx series retired.

The development branch of GnuLedger has reached a point where it is more stable (and functional) than the 0.2 series of code. As such, we now recommend that all users now use the 0.3 releases of GnuLedger for the next few months until GnuLedger 0.4 is released.



Posted by Mike Hore 2002-04-02

New Win32 Installer To Be Released Soon.

Due to problems with the current installer for Windows systems, development has started on a new solution for Windows installations.

Thanks for your patience.

Posted by Mike Hore 2002-01-30

GnuLedger stability

At this point, GnuLedger's 0.3 code branch appears to be more stable than its 0.2 counterpart. Users may want to consider using 0.3.19 instead of 0.2.6. A 0.4 release is waiting only on the completion of certain features, as laid out in the TODO file.

Posted by Mike Hore 2002-01-14

GnuLedger now works under Win32!

The current 0.3.xx GnuLedger code has been tested, and works, under Windows NT/2000/XP systems that use ActivePerl and Apache32. It is quite possible that the code works just as well under 9x systems. An iso of the entire GnuLedger32 package will be made available shortly, as well as a ZIP file containing an installation program for GL32 (as there are a few things that need to be done differently in Windows). Enjoy.

Posted by Mike Hore 2002-01-10

GnuLedger 0.3.18 Released!

After months of delay, the latest developers' release of GnuLedger is available.

This version has numerous bug fixes, so be sure to check out the changelog.

Posted by Mike Hore 2001-11-25