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Web-MeetMe V4.0.1

This release is the first true release compatible with Asterisk 1.6
Due to features slipping into Asterisk slower than expected, version is the recommended release for use with WMM 4.0.1

Key new features-
1. All schedule and resource enforcement is now built into app_meetme, so app_cbmysql has been depreciated.
2. The use of Adaptive CDR allows for sbEnd.php to also be depreciated.
3. Browser compatibility bug fixes
4. Internationalization framework (German only to date)
5. Use a simple AJAX technique to smooth the conference management UI refresh
6. Introduce absolute caller limit, preventing overbooking (optional)

Posted by Dan_Austin 2010-05-03


This release primarily focuses on security.

A number of problems involving SQL injection
and XSS were identified and reported by Jean-Michel

Jean-Michel was kind enough to help with the testing
as each vulnerability was addressed.

This release is available in the Downloads section

Posted by Dan_Austin 2008-07-31

Web-MeetMe 2.2.1

We are releasing a minor update to the 2.X series to correct an issue with scheduling calculations when DST transitions occur.

Posted by Dan_Austin 2007-04-02


This release brings compatibility with Asterisk 1.4.0, including the app_cbmysql asterisk application and the new Asterisk Manager events/commands.

While we were at it, we finally retired the register_globals requirement in the php code and
migrated all database code to PEAR::DB.

Posted by Dan_Austin 2007-01-03


New features and bugfixes. App_cbmysql in this release is compatible with Asterisk 1.2.

Posted by Dan_Austin 2006-08-22