It would work perfectly if item1 & item2 were also at same inventory category. Anyway, there's no impact to the overall P&L and inventory value . -Zhiguo

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no, I dont want to go into SQL, as I will mess up, I am not a good database person...
and no I dont want to fiddle with accounting entries as I am no good accounting person as well..

So I am trying to find an easy way using the standard interface to get it done.

Pardon me, but there should be no need to change Item1's cost.

Maybe I should put out more details.

OK this is the WHOLE scenario, simplified, forget about the consignment or other complicatio:

Business start:

Existing stock: 
2 x item1, avg cost $1
2 x item2, avg cost $2
Total valuation: $6

1 x item2 @ $4
PnL for the transaction = $4-$2 = $2

New stock status:
2 x item1, avg cost $1
1 x item2, avg cost $2
Total valuation: $4

Do physical stock check:
1 x item1
2 x item2
Conclusion: the item that was sold is item1 not item 2.

TASK: Leave PnL alone, it will offset when the other item is sold. Adjust to correct stock count without changing cost.
Write off 1 x item1 (PnL negative$1)
Change Avg cost of item2 to $1
Write on 1 x item2 @ $1 (PnL positive$1)
Change Avg cost of item2 to $1.50

Final Stock Status:

1 x item1, avg cost $1
2 x item2, avg cost $1.5
Total valuation: $4

Please let me know if my logic is correct... and is it feasible?

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