Well... the title says it... I'm new here and I'm offering you a bit of help. I really love Privateer and I'd like to see it come back on my computer. And since the original game doesn't work under XP, this mod seems to be the best alternative.
That's why I want to contribute...

You probably wonder what I can do...
Textures is what I can do.
I'm probably not the best texturer ou can find on the net but I think I'm not too bad ;)
I made my first ships for XvT and XWA, then I moved to Starlancer and I'm currently working on a mod for Freelancer (simply because I've been asked to by the creator of the mod, which I had worked with before...)
But I'd to work for something that really interest me and your mod does. Especially since the few models I've seen looks excellent... except their textures which are a bit too simple in my opinion.

I can model a bit but I'm not really good at it and I'm used to work on other peoples' models...
That's what I'd like to do here.
The problem is that I really take my time when working and making a good texture sometime takes me months...
I also aways demand the right to modify the model, not changing the shape of course but re-grouping the faces when I consider it will make my job easier or be more efficient for the mapping.

I almost sure this introduction of myself sounds a bit too presumptuous but that's not what it's supposed to be. I guess I just don't masterize English enough too be more subtle :)
I can show you some sample of my previous works if you want (I would have attached some pics to this post if I had figured out how to do so).

Please send me a mail at darkpetzi@hotmail.com if your interested.

And keep up the good work ! ;)