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wcnt fixes on github

I've made some fixes for wcnt to compile available on github here:

Posted by James W Morris 2013-09-10

wcnt-1.26.4 - minor release



some minor adjustments to features and a bug fixed:

* param_editor
aswell as editing parameters to completely new values
(as it always has done) it can now add, subtract, divide
or multiply existing values (for numeric parameters only).

* LADSPA_PATH environment variable
only needs to be set if LADSPA plugins are not installed
in the path "/usr/local/lib/ladspa/:/usr/lib/ladspa/".... read more

Posted by James W Morris 2008-02-19

wcnt-1.26.2 Released!!



(source code only)

Second release of wcnt-1.26 after the pre releases...

* rudimentary polyphony
no, no polyphonic sequencer.... but several new modules
(wcnt-1.26.1) to create polyphonic effects:

trig_counter - counts and (?restricts) outputs input trigger
trig_echo - echos input trigger n times
trig_router - sends trigger n to auto-created output modules
group_control - only runs modules when appropriate -
but easy to make it in-appropriate.... read more

Posted by James W Morris 2008-02-05

wcnt-1.26.1 Released!!



(source code only)

First release of wcnt-1.26 after the pre releases...


* trig_counter (module)
outputs n triggers when it's input triggers. can ignore n triggers
before doing so. stops outputing when n triggers counted, or can
wrap around so out_count output wraps also. out_count + out_trig
can be used much like the timer's out_count + out_trig or the
time_maps out_bar + out_bar_trig for triggering exit or file
writing, but more besides...... read more

Posted by James W Morris 2008-01-31

wcnt-1.26-pre Released!

Pre-release of Wav Composer Not Toilet 1.26

wcnt is a not-real-time commandline text-file-based modular
synth/sequencer/sampler for GNU/Linux to generate WAV audio files.

Download from:


This is the second release building up to wcnt-1.26... read more

Posted by James W Morris 2008-01-07

wcnt-1.25.4 update

since the wcnt-1.25 release, several updates have occurred, the latest being wcnt-src-1.25.4.tar.bz2. If you have downloaded 1.25.3, there is a patch to get you up to 1.25.4. The latest fix is just to get the --sample-info command line option to work again.

Posted by James W Morris 2006-10-10

wcnt-1.25 released

wcnt-1.25 is the latest release of Wav Composer Not Toilet.

This release has focused upon making life easier for the wcnt .wc file composer. It is now possible to copy modules and data objects using the copier data object which works on a single item. However, using the group data object you can group together modules and use the copier to copy the group. The new group of modules will have the same input/output relationships as the original group.... read more

Posted by James W Morris 2006-10-06

wcnt-1.2 is here

Available now for download is the latest release of Wav Composer Not Toilet, wcnt-1.2

wcnt is a not-real-time modular audio synth, sequencer, and sampler. it reads plain text files containing definitions of modules and data objects and can then create .wav file(s) of the sounds.

new in wcnt-1.2 (on the plus side:)

* time_map
* tempo changes are now relative to tempo specified in header.
* slightly more accurate time keeping.... read more

Posted by James W Morris 2005-06-28

wcnt-1.2 will be released shortly

I have been developing wcnt-1.2 which should be available within the next few weeks. this version has improved note slide handling by the sequencer module, improved note off handling by the adsr, and a new lfo type module which keeps in sync with the tempo.

But the major change and reason for the version bump is the ability for a wcnt file to include (and exclude) modules and data objects from one or more sepearate .wc files. once modules and data objects have been included parameters can be edited and inputs changed without complete redefinition, it is though limited to top-level parameters.... read more

Posted by James W Morris 2005-06-13

wcnt-1.127 Released!

wcnt-1.127 is released. Fixed memory leaks, segmentation faults, annoying bugs, etc.

Posted by James W Morris 2005-04-26

Latest IS wcnt-1.1za

wcnt-1.1za is the latest release of wav composer not toilet. It is a bugfix release so it now compiles with gcc-3.2 without any problems.

Posted by James W Morris 2004-05-17

Coming up shortly, perhaps, is it ready?

My personal deadline for getting this years latest (and last) version of wcnt-1.1z (wcnt-1.1260) up on sourceforge passed two weeks ago. Oh well.
Here it is, just got to upload it (00:32 gmt 6thApril2004)

Fair load of new stuff, specified in the changelog as usual, AND, I've updated the homepage to provide some usefull information. Woohoo

Posted by James W Morris 2004-04-05

gcc3.2.2 patch

I had this patch sent to me to fix compile problems with gcc-3.2.2. It may be needed for earlier versions of gcc-3, and will be needed for later versions.

to apply the patch download the patch and copy it to the wcnt-1.1001 directory. on the commandline enter the following commands:

patch -p0 < wcnt-1.1-gcc3.2.2-patch
make clean
make install

if this still does not work, email me to let me know. Thanks.

Posted by James W Morris 2004-02-25

wcnt-1.1001 released

wcnt-1.1001 is now available for download.

There are many improvements and several new modules. see announce.txt for details, and the changelog for more indepth detail, both of which are in the package.

there are several examples included which I would go so far as to say are almost usable ;) There are also some basic examples for an introduction tutorial.


Posted by James W Morris 2004-02-22

wcnt-1.1001 on the way

So far I've added some new modules and made some improvements to existing modules. These include:

sampler: fully supports rev and fwd play directions and rev, fwd, and bi-directional loop modes. the loop points can be optionally set as relative to the modulatable start point. and the fadein/fadeout when jumping to loop points or retriggering of playback now works when already active. plus a few other new features.... read more

Posted by James W Morris 2004-02-20

New features arising

The programming bug bit me the other day, so in between temping as a labourer, making paintings, and creating a website to house my art work, I'm going to attempt a few new features.

Hopefully in the first couple of months of 2004 there will be the following:

*** A Modified sequencer and note data structure with which you can specify sample positions for playback (and possibly specify sample playback direction, or loop mode, which leads to...)... read more

Posted by James W Morris 2003-12-06

sub time space mult

caution: sub time space mult collapsing. Push the envelope. Given up programming. Axiomatic reality terminus terminated. Dig dug out of here. Stop.

Posted by James W Morris 2003-06-26


Here comes version 1.0001c, with a couple of fixes from the last version and a few updates.
includes: fix for logic_trigger module in_trig2 input. Verbose mode no longer displays paramter xxx set to mysterious value, but displays the value. New command line option:
wcnt --sample-info samplename, gives wav header info, useful to know when using sampler module. Expect this after I've got out of bed later today........

Posted by James W Morris 2003-03-26

version 1.0001 coming soon

Yes it's more major news.
jameswmorris admits:
"I rushed it at the last minute to get it online ,missing numerous bugs and stuff, I could n't be bothered to test it thoroughly"

several bugs have been fixed:
now able to connect square_waves in_pwm
correct parameters are now available for lpfilter
osc_clock in_freq_mod2 now works
modifier now has both inputs registered
freq_generator now has two outputs wooo
NO!! I aint fixed the dodgy wav file output

Posted by James W Morris 2003-03-21

modifier module fixed

release modifier.tar.gz correctly registers two inputs instead of one.

Posted by James W Morris 2003-03-20

wcnt - Wav Composer Not Toilet is Released!

On 20th March 2003 wcnt has finally been released. Need something to take your mind off war? try using this!

Posted by James W Morris 2003-03-20