Dloneranger - 2013-04-01

Wav file normalizer
Volume normalize a WAV file, accepts both WAV32 and WAV64 files

[-q] [-l:<0.0 to 100.0>] [-r] [-32] [-g:yes/no] source <destination>
-q =quiet
-l:99.9 =normalization level, from 0.0 to 100.0, default=99.9
-r =allow reduction in volume as well as increasing
-32 =only write WAV32 files, split up output files if necessary
-g =try to ignore glitches, default=yes~~~~

Here's what -r is supposed to do
If you set the max level to eg 50% and the volume is already higher than that it will not lower the volume down to that level unless -r is added

pseudo code
if ( (newlevel>oldlevel) or OptionR=true ) then ModifyFile else LeaveItAlone

Last edit: Dloneranger 2013-04-07