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Welcome to the C++ Version of WavePacket

This is an experimental version of the WavePacket project, coded in C++, still under development. Note that there is also a (more mature and stable!) Matlab-version of WavePacket.

03-Apr-2018: Version 0.2.1 released

Compilation of user programs should be much simpler thanks to a new helper script (also with tutorial). Added a HarmonicOscillatorFactory to simplify setup of harmonic oscillator operators, which now also includes ladder operators. Added another demo that showcases laser-induced vibrational excitation of a Morse oscillator. Tried to make the RedfieldFactory more usable, though there is still work left. Finally, there were some minor internal restructurings to help with the coding (automated testing of demos, setup of code checkers, removal of dependencies, this sort of thing).

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