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WaveMaker - Web Development Made Easy / News: Recent posts

6.2.5GA Released

The WaveMaker 6.2 release includes :
- New theme designer
- New templates
- New and customizable dialogs
- New widgets
- New icon libraries
- New properties and methods
- Improvements to the bind dialog
- Improvements to the grid
- Improvements to existing widgets
- Improved performance

Full release notes:

Posted by Chloe Jackson 2010-12-16

Announcing 6.2.2 Dev Build

Many, many cool new features including a theme designer modelled on themeroller for jquery, drag and drop dialog boxes, dojo grid, editable grid, tree widgets and much more!

Posted by Chris Keene 2010-10-28

Performance for live vars vs svc vars

Balancing performance concerns for live variables (views) versus service variables (HQL queries)

Posted by Chris Keene 2010-10-14

Information Week Posts Article on WaveMaker

Information Week's article describes how Nationwide is using WaveMaker to accelerate development of web apps.

Posted by Chris Keene 2010-09-23

New Release: 6.1.10

6.1.10 is a minor update to 6.1.9GA. Notable changes are fixes to the HQL query editor, the related editor data set, and the CSS loader. WM6.1.10 or newer is required for compatibility with Chrome 6 and FireFox 4.

Posted by Chloe Jackson 2010-09-21

WaveMaker is the Saddle for the Cloud

Redmonk analyst Michael Cote talks about making apps with WaveMaker

Posted by Chris Keene 2010-09-16

WaveMaker: Easy as Pie Web Development

One of my epic freeware links today is the WaveMaker Mac application.

An easy to use application that walks you through the steps to making a nice, developed site on your computer’s local server, which you can then export.

Posted by Chris Keene 2010-08-30

User Management System - Self-Register

This sample project shows how to build a user management system for MySQL database. Features include:

- New account registration with integrated email workflow
- Email address verification
- Lost or forgotten password management
- Remember username using cookie

Posted by Chris Keene 2010-08-17

Web app performance tuning tricks & tips

The full post is here

Here is the summary :

1. Use pagecontainers: the main page of the project should have a page container that can load different pages as needed. Using deferred loading for pages that are not in use provides optimal performance. Creating an application with many layers will be slow.
2. Use deferred loading: make sure that pages and layers are not loaded until they are needed. This will dramatically speed up initial application launch time.
3. Minimize live variable and service variable calls: Make sure that live variables and service variables are only called when strictly necessary. Use Firebug's network tab to see exactly what calls are being made and when. Disable auto-update for live variables that are called too often!
4. Optimize backing data for related editors: by default, each related editor has its own dataset. Replacing these datasets with a single live variable can reduce database queries and optimize performance. Also, creating a liveView that only contains the data required for the select editor can improve performance (i.e. only retrieving from the DB what is displayed, plus the "Id" rather than the full fledged object).

Posted by Chris Keene 2010-08-10

WaveMaker 6.3 Wish List

WaveMaker community members weigh in on their "wish list" features for WaveMaker 6.3 (many of which will appear in WaveMaker 6.2!).

Popular requests include:
- CSV export for Dojo Datagrid
- Better Dojo themes
- Menu popup
- Support for fonts/sizes in rich text editor

The full discussion is here:

Posted by Chris Keene 2010-08-09

Modernizing Oracle Forms Applications

Enterprises are increasingly moving from proprietary platforms like Oracle Forms to open Java platforms. Yet training Oracle Forms developers to use complex Java tools can be time consuming and costly.

WaveMaker provides a unique solution for migrating Oracle Forms developers and applications to Java. WaveMaker's visual tools are easy for Oracle Forms developers to use, while generating standard Java applications.... read more

Posted by Chris Keene 2010-07-28

Migrating from Microsoft Access and NET to Java

Best practices, tricks and tips for migrating applications and developers from proprietary Microsoft platforms to standards-based Java.

Posted by Chris Keene 2010-07-26

Automated Multi-tenancy for SaaS Applications

Multitenancy allows a Software as a Service (SaaS) vendor, or other software provider, to economically deliver service to many tenants (customers of the SaaS vendor). Using WaveMaker's multitenancy capabilities, many tenants are processed through a single infrastructure, including Java containers (Tomcat or J2EE servers), WaveMaker Runtime Framework, and databases. Additional tenants can be added without adding servers, which provides the most cost effective approach to SaaS hosting.... read more

Posted by Chris Keene 2010-07-23

Bienvenido al foro para hablantes de español

feliz de que se de importancia a los hispano parlantes

ahora a publicar nuestros comentarios !!

Posted by Chris Keene 2010-07-21

WaveMaker- PowerBuilder for the Cloud

WaveMaker’s intuitive visual, drag and drop programming makes cloud application development simple and fun. Don’t let the elegant user interface and ease of use fool you, WaveMaker is a heavyweight when it comes to building RIA (Rich Internet Applications).

Posted by Chris Keene 2010-07-20

WaveMaker 5 Reduces Java Web Dev Costs By 90%

WaveMaker 5 adds over 500 new features and bug fixes driven by WaveMaker community. Automated generation of Hibernate mapping and Dojo widgets cuts Java web development costs by a factor of 10. WaveMaker generates standard Java projects and WAR files, download at

Posted by Chris Keene 2009-05-04

WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio now available under AGPL

WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio is now available under AGPL v3! WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio is an easy-to-use visual builder that enables the drag & drop assembly of scalable, web-applications using Dojo Ajax widgets, web services and databases. WaveMaker apps deploy as standard Java WAR files.

Posted by Geremy Cohen 2008-03-20