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  • weirdigge

    weirdigge - 2004-10-20

    I have a problem, a slow waste net.
    Between 2 computers, pentium 4 ht @ 3.0 GHz both
    i have 12Mbit downlink and 9Mbit uplink and my friend also so theoretically we should have atleast 9Mbit of possible transfer rate between us however we only get arounb 0.8 to 1Mbit. The network connection is fine, he can download from me at around 8Mbit through my webserver so thats not the problem. When he downloads from me through waste the bandwith on the net is not much more then what i see in waste. The computer has power enough to handle the encryption and my CPU load is just about 1percent. and the disk load is virtually nothin(0.8-1MBit). My firewall does nothing that would interfere with the speed so can anybody help me pleese or give me som sugestions on what to do.

    • weirdigge

      weirdigge - 2004-10-20

      oh sorry i forgot, i do not use the bandwith limiting settings in waste.

      • kared

        kared - 2005-05-03

        The fastest speed I can get is around 260k/sec and that is between two waste clients on the one machine. On a 100MBit lan it is about the same. Very low cpu/disk/network usage not sure why its so slow.

    • Kaleb Kreft

      Kaleb Kreft - 2004-10-21

      12/9m link eh? asynchronous fiber or what??

    • ctaylor

      ctaylor - 2005-05-02

      We've got the same issue... no matter who we connect to we get a 30 - 40 kb/s download speed. No throttle enabled on either end. Just curious if there is any further settings we could mess with?

    • Blacksoulman

      Blacksoulman - 2005-05-19

      Same problem here. I suppose the developers weren't thinking of speed when they designed the protocols. That can really make or break a file sharing program.

    • td4guy

      td4guy - 2005-05-21

      I posted this recently in another forum:

      I've gotten up to 1500-2000k/s on my 100Mbit LAN. This was accomplished by having 1024 bit keys, rather than the default 1536 bit keys. With 1536 bit keys, I can only transfer at approximately 1000k/s.
      (EDIT: It probably helps to have fast computers - I tested with two 3+GHz machines)

      I've never uploaded faster than 300k/s over the Internet. However, I have found this perfectly adequate.

      I'm in the USA. When Europeans or Australians try and download from me, lag becomes a factor, and I'm unable to upload faster than 30k/s (10k/s in some cases).

    • Blacksoulman

      Blacksoulman - 2005-05-22

      I've never uploaded faster than 300kbs(using WASTE) on my 10mb LAN even with a 1024 bit key.
      One is athlon 2100+, other is P4 3+GHz.

    • SteelRat

      SteelRat - 2005-06-26

      I have been able to get 1800kbit/sec on a 100Mbit LAN using 1024 bit encryption but only about 300-500kbit using 1536 bits. It seems there is a large overhead in the encryption/decryption.

      Personally I think 1024 bits encryption is fine, it is illegal to break any encryption regardless of how strong it is.

    • belokan

      belokan - 2006-04-05

      J'ai installé et testé waste, et j'ai aussi les mêmes problèmes de lenteur que vous.
      Toujours pas d'explications ni de solutions ?

    • Starlionblue2

      Starlionblue2 - 2006-09-06

      Je crois, come disent les autres, que le proces de crypter/decrypter prends beaucoup de resources.


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