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  • DeathfireD

    DeathfireD - 2007-10-31

    I haven't started using WASTE yet since I've been reading all the threads to find out what its like to use and what features it has. It seems theirs some key things missing that id like to see added but it looks like development is at a stand still? Anyway I figured id post my ideas and hope someone adds them in.

    1) Keycode should have your ip/dns in it. This way we no longer would have to give out our network code and ip/dns. We could just give out the code and wait for them to add it to their client (Alliancep2p ( does this and it works out great). You could add an option in the client where we type in our DNS address if we have one so it will be added in the network code. If you don't have one then just leave it blank and have WASTE use your current IP.

    2) Multi source downloads like bittorrent. Alliancep2p ( also has this feature and does it by having its users pre-hash their files. When you do a search it finds the files you want and then start searching for files with matching hashes and adds the source to the file. Then when you download each source sends small chunks of the file till its done.

    I refer allot to Alliancep2p because its truly an amazing f2f and network type program. The only downside is its programmed in java and has allot of bugs that cause it to crash, freeze, or just stop working. I was pointed to WASTE by a few friends but noticed the features that I had come to love in alliance where not in WASTE. So hopefully someone will add them :)

    • CodeO

      CodeO - 2007-12-28

      I would also love to see multi-source downloading like bittorrent in WASTE. Is it possible to implement this feature, or its not viable with the actual implementation?


    • DeathfireD

      DeathfireD - 2008-01-15

      3) Auto connect to IP/DNS addresses on startup - it seems like this is not added. I have to manuly go and try and connect to each ip/dns address when I start waste. It would be nice if their was an option that allowed WASTE to try and connect to the addresses on start up and also try every few mins to connect to the ones that are offline.

      4) Option for a lesser secure network option (ie. only one person needs a key to connect) - for example, say you want to make a network for a group of people and you dont want to go through the haste of collecting keys, ips/dns addresses, and giving out your info. Well it would be cool if we could just post our key and they can add and connect directly to us without us needing to add their key. All they would need is our "network password" and public key. Once they connect their client would send their public key to our client and auto add it to our list.


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