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when starting developing Waste V2?

  • defnax

    defnax - 2006-02-22

    when will start Waste V2 for developing?

    i only hear about 1.5 since  2 years

    i will see now multisource downloads in wate.
    not only develop bugfixes , and fixes...

    waste needs many new features .

    • sentry

      sentry - 2006-03-01

      I second this question/comment...

    • blopblop

      blopblop - 2006-03-08

      Seems to be evident now that this SF project is dead, or not far from... We need a good fork, with a  TRUE project manager. I've never seen a project so slow in development.
      And that's a pity, because that's the most promising F2F project... It represents the next generation of file sharing software. I've used it for a while, the concept is excellent, but the developpers does not seem to understand that. (I've posted 3 bugs, 2 are still standing there).
      If only I were a good programmer...

      • Eric

        Eric - 2006-03-09

        In response to your last comment, I think you mean "if only there were good programmers interested in the project". I've got a few, including one added just a few days ago who could prove to be quite valuable, but generally most people don't seem interested in heavy coding, the kind WASTE needs for futher development. I've taken this project more under my wing, not specializing in these topics myself. I've been dissapointed to find a like of interest, thus, a lack of development as well. Maybe things will pick up eventually.

    • Starbe

      Starbe - 2006-03-17

      i sent you a mail about a week ago.
      we are two good developpers in an computer science engineering school, and you didnt reply.
      so i will be glad to hearing news from you

    • blopblop

      blopblop - 2006-03-21

      Maybe you need some advertisement (don't know if the word is well suited for this case - I'm french sorry) in the open source community. I'm sure there are a lot of persons interested in this kind of project. As I said before, Waste is the future of P2P (or F2F). Maybe you should contact those who have worked on PadlockSL (seems to be an intersting fork). We are stronger together.
      Another important point : a new law has been voted in France (DADVSI) against P2P. A lot of people are leaving eMule and are looking for something more stealth. That's a good point for Waste. But I repeat, you need to be known ! This project is only known by a few... Maybe that's the problem.
      I want to apologize for my last message, I've been agressive, but I wanted to know in what state of mine you were.
      Again, you have everything in your hands, just need to meet good coders. Say it everywhere, you'll have feedback !
      Sincerely, blopblop

    • Jerel Crosland

      Jerel Crosland - 2006-08-16

      May I make a marketing suggestion? The more releases you have, the more announcements you can make. With any luck, each release should be enough of an enhancement that it would merit an article on the Slashdot main page. This will keep the project in the public eye.

    • pvs64

      pvs64 - 2006-08-31

      Hi there,

      im french and newly registered here.  I've been
      looking at waste for 2 years now.

      i tested it more than a year ago on Windows, and it was working fine.

      i have to admit, that im a bit frustrated.. i was expecting mor progress.

      Anyway, i use to work on a game on my own for 2 years, with no help. Eventually i gave all source code away, i mean open source.

      So i wont complain here, because i know its a lot of work....

      I think WASTE is a great project, a very good idea and design, that should fulfill the needs
      of many people.  but also corporate needs.

      more and more companies wants to be able to share
      data/files betweens sites, or with customers or suppliers, and on a secure manner.

      You can use it to distribute patches to customers, or replicate data among servers.

      A solid robust linux WASTE server would be a great thing.

      to finish: i would say frequent update and developpment status are important, when i came today on the WASTE statistics pages, it looks like its slowly dying....

      i hope it wont and will survive... GO WASTE

    • Syst3m Crash3r 480

      I'm a young programmer and a Waste user. I'd really like to see other versions. I could give a little bit of support, if this is necessary (I think so).
      sh4rd, perhaps you should write a post in the main SF forum asking help from devs: someone will reply... :-)

    • manu

      manu - 2006-09-11

      "but generally most people don't seem interested in heavy coding, the kind WASTE needs for futher development" OK for windows version, but osX version doesn't work at all. Lot's of people post to help this projet, but no one responde ...
      There is a organisation problem, sh4rd, not people number

    • manu

      manu - 2006-09-11

      sh4rd, OK for windows version, but osX version doesn't work at all. Lot's of people post to help this projet, but no one respond ...
      There is a organisation problem, sh4rd, not people number

    • Syst3m Crash3r 480

      sh4rd, could you please reply to this discussion? :-/

    • Fredrik

      Fredrik - 2006-09-23

      Best thing to happen to this project is a fork, I guess. With a present and active project administrator. From the activity here, it seems there would be enough programmers to at least get this software towards a future.


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