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  • Eric

    Eric - 2005-12-11

    Since nothing new came out during the developmental downtime, I'll throw you guys a bone with a new build. This fixes a few things under the hood, and quite a few confusing/broken interface items. Hopefully this will increase usability. Give it a try by copying waste.exe into your installed WASTE directory.

    From the changelog:
    WASTE version 1.5 (??.??.????)

    -New network connection handling (untied from MSWindows)
    -New networking algorithms for connection retries, backoff,
    and # of connections to keep up
    -Added intelligence for dynamic IP robustness
    -Endian changes to encryption code for Mac OS X port
    -Added wastesrv_admin tool for creating config files in unix
    -File scanning now follows symbolic links on unix
    -Various compiler warnings fixed
    ***Released 11-22-04 Nightly Build
    -Increased FILE_CHUNKSIZE from 4k to 24k, doubled my LAN speeds
    ***Released 1-22-05 Nightly Build
    -Added patch for binding() to specific address based
    on "forced IP" thanks to Conny Brunnkvist (kop) for the patch
    -Backed out FILE_CHUNKSIZE change, was causing corruption
    problems with mismatched clients
    -Fixed bug with dynDNS on outgoing connections
    -Eliminated some windows build warnings
    -Fixed forgotten key and connection speed, and invalid password
    error thanks to bigtoe416
    -Fixed symlink loop thanks to patch
    -Updated long outdated copyright information
    -Merged changelogs
    -Fixed build warnings
    -Minor interface improvements
    -Officially supported and compiled by C++ 7.1
    -About dialog has stupid protections (this is open source anyway after all). Changed to something prettier
    -Now UPX compressed
    ***Released 12-11-05 Nightly Build

    Download: http://c63.be/waste/waste_12.11.05.zip

    Leave any comments here. Bugs should be reported to the usual location, please mark them as occuring in this build. Also remember that this is nothing radical, just a few bug fixes. Fix a few more and WASTE v1.5 final should be ready to go. Enjoy!

    • rancor

      rancor - 2005-12-12

      GREAT!! Thanks!!!!

    • rancor

      rancor - 2005-12-12


      The password prompt i shown every time I start Waste, the "remember password" checkbox is checked.

      • Eric

        Eric - 2005-12-14

        Yes, however it does actually remember your password now, which it didn't a few days ago. I'll fix that at some point in the near future.

    • MrSteelRat

      MrSteelRat - 2005-12-12


      I still got a speed issue though, on LAN we get over 1200kb/sek but on 10Mbit internet full duplex we still only get around 400kb/sek?

      • Eric

        Eric - 2005-12-14

        Yes, unfortunately the fix (increasing chunk size) produced massive unstability when conversing with clients which used the previous chunk size. This will have to wait until a later version as it will thus break compatability with older clients once again.

        • j

          j - 2006-01-23

          if you are going to break compatibility  do so by making ALL chat stealth  as WASTE 1.6.421  has done.

    • skidude

      skidude - 2006-01-12

      yea i got a bug for u i think. Randomly this newest build dropped all connections after everyone had been connected. Then they could connect back up. I had to down grade to beta 3. They were all using beta 3.

    • Arckon

      Arckon - 2006-01-25

      I just downloaded and tried this build.  The version info states it is while the last one (1.5b3) had

      Is this just an oversight or something?

    • Eric

      Eric - 2006-02-02

      How would you guys feel if we just called this 1.5 final, for the sake of fueling interest and possibly getting some devs back? Though still slightly buggy, WASTE has never been so stable. I'd dump in a few more fixes and patches, and call it a final. The first "official" final since v1.0! What are your thoughts? To me it seems most logical for the future health of the project.

      • skidude

        skidude - 2006-02-02

        i think thats a good idea.

      • Vur Abes

        Vur Abes - 2006-02-02

        Yes, good plan. But maybe we should apply the last patches before releasing. Especially patch 1388685. Otherwise users have to confirm their password every time waste starts and that's quite annoying.

        • rancor

          rancor - 2006-02-02

          Yes! That would be a great idea

      • rancor

        rancor - 2006-02-02

        THUMBS UP!

        But I hope this don't stop the work with new cool features ;)

      • Arckon

        Arckon - 2006-02-04

        I think going to 1.5 final has been long overdue.  Make a few final fixes/changes and call it gold!

      • Fredrik

        Fredrik - 2006-02-22

        Definitely time for a final to come out. The project needs to go multi-platform now...

      • Troed

        Troed - 2006-02-25

        No, not until the speed issue is fixed. If it breaks BC - so be it - but better to do it between the two only final releases having been made than to break it at a later (but still very soon) date.

        Speed is our group's top priority atm. My VDSL pushes 900kb/s easily but through waste the normal throughput is only ~200kb/s per connection.

    • Gonzo Granzeau

      Gonzo Granzeau - 2006-03-13

      I think a new release is a great idea.  How soon could we expect a 1.5 final?  Is it worth upgrading my ring to the 425 build?

      I think the scrolly bug that drives my ring batshitinsane is finally fixed though, good job! `8r)  Or at least in my limited testing so far.  Does this have any of the features of the yahoo group's 1.6.421 build?  I gather we still havn't gotten source from that yet.  I just put in a request for it.

    • Andreas

      Andreas - 2006-07-02

      Great version!
      However, if I close WASTE, always an error is found in WASTE.exe (send) (dont send)

    • Andreas

      Andreas - 2006-09-17

      Is the new connection algorythm source in CVS?


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