TNX - 2007-07-05

Hi all,

I compiled WASTE on Mac OS X Tiger and FreeBSD 6.2. I had to add
"#include "wx/imaglist.h" in wxbrowser so it can compile on both plateforms, and had to install wxMac-2.8.4 and creating a .xcodeproj to run it on OS X. On OS X, if you create an application without a bundle (by just compiling waste with the current Makefile for example), the application will run but won't be able to get the focus.

I wasn't able to try to connect to an other rig with this version but it looks fine. The application crashes when you try to double clic on your computer in the browser also.

I really would like to participate to get it run on OS X. If you're interested, you can contact me at tnxgalaxy at