• David Goodwin

    David Goodwin - 2006-07-19

    Has anyone considered using Qt4 for the next version of WASTE?

    If you used Qt4 to handle your GUI, File I/O and network I/O you could probabily get away with making the same code work on Windows/Linux/MacOS X with minimal or no modifications between platforms while making the code a bit nicer by getting rid of all the Win32 junk.

    If I didnt already have a few projects and university consuming much of my time I might attempt a port to Qt4 myself. As it is I dont have quite enough time to try and figure out how the existing code works. You need more comments :)

    • Syst3m Crash3r 480

      It's not free software, so I suppose it'll never be used in Waste's project. If we use Qt4 we should follow its license, and it's the contrary of developing a 100% open-source project... ;-)

    • masterx

      masterx - 2006-07-20

      i have thinked QT 4.1 is Opensource:

      Qt Open Source Downloads

      Trolltech's dual license policy provides versions of Qt under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

      Commercial, proprietary  source projects working with Qt must always use the commercial version of Qt throughout their development process.

      The GPL versions can be downloaded free of charge and are provided without support or warranty. They are subject to the terms and conditions of the GPL. Read the more in the Open Source download FAQ

      Open Source Edition download files

          * Qt/Windows Open Source Edition
          * Qt/X11 Open Source Edition
          * Qt/Mac Open Source Edition
          * Qt Script for Applications (QSA)


    • The Sentry

      The Sentry - 2006-09-06

      Hi! With me its the same. I'd really like to port WASTE to Qt4, but until the end of october I'm swamped with university related stuff.

      Maybe if we could get a few coders together, we could actually manage to do this. Waddayasay?


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