Waste server stability checker (PHP script)

  • Murz

    Murz - 2007-01-25

    I use WASTE Server (Linux) v1.5 beta 2 and beta 3. It works correctly, but don't want to connect to other servers. It's accepting only incoming connections. But it isn't important.

    I have another problem. It works long time without problems, but sometimes it is stop accepting incoming connections and halting without couses! And it halts long time while I don't kill and restart it manually!

    I wrote the simple script for checking WASTE server state and restarting it if needed. And this script can restore config file (default.pr0) if wastesrv kills it (sometimes it happens) from "backup" folder.

    Current version of script is 0.5.

    You can download it and use at thouse adresses:
    version 0.5: http://homenet.nnov.ru/files/waste_check_0.5.zip
    lastest version: http://homenet.nnov.ru/files/waste_check.zip

    If you found any bug in this script or have any offer - post comment to this post or write to my email.

    P.S. Sorry for my bad English! ;-)

    • djcrazysk8er

      djcrazysk8er - 2007-12-27

      This rocks. Thanks.

    • djcrazysk8er

      djcrazysk8er - 2007-12-27

      One question, I always get the following:

      Opening socket ... Opened.
      Waste is working curiously! Restarting...
      (1)Console :<07/12/27 13:43:16:0> Forking DAEMON!

      Any ideas why it would restart every time it checks?


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