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  • TNX

    TNX - 2007-08-08

    Hi all !

    You might all be very busy (as I am), but I would really like to contribute to the development of  the official future release of waste.

    I'm currently working on a set of modification to have a version that will run on the big endian architecture as well as on little endian ones.
    I'm progressing step by step on it, and my next objective is to make waste working on the Mac OS X / PowerPC architecture (it should already be ok on the Mac Intel rigs).

    Do you guys are working with a CVS / SVN server ? I could set-up one if you want, I already have a  SVN server running. You can checkout the current work in progress at these addresses:
    -> svn://hellgalaxy.dyndns.org/waste
    -> svn://hellgalaxy.dyndns.org/wastedevtnx (working project, full of debugging code and log files)

    Do you guys also have a mailing list ?

    You can contact me at tnxgalaxy at gmail dot com



    • kubani

      kubani - 2007-09-06


      that realy good news from you :)

      you will developing a new waste?
      or your developed some things for waste?

      which features you will implement?

      new gui?
      multisource Downloads?
      bether encryption?
      bether add Friends method(like Alliance have easyer add Friend via code)
      or other features?

      when you will release first version?
      will be windows binary avaible too?

    • Murz

      Murz - 2007-09-13

      This is very good news! Many years I and local network of my city waiting for new versions :) Весause local traffic in city is free, but external is for money :(

      Do you develops new version independently or with developer of last release sh4rd?  Do you have any changelog, roadmap of developing?

    • TNX

      TNX - 2007-10-02

      Hi all,

      I'm working on a Mac OS X version of Waste, but I have a lack of time so I just can't give any dead-line.
      There is different kind of problems to solve in the source code. One of them is that it is not big endian compliant (PowerPC).

      Any help is welcome !



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