• DASnoloJy

    DASnoloJy - 2006-11-01

    i add some feature in WASTE for myself. How can i update sources if its needed for others?

    • Syst3m Crash3r 480

      Maybe you should email to official devs and submit your work. Otherwise, you could open a new "mod" project... ;-)

    • Murz

      Murz - 2006-11-09

      I think you need to share you sources and compiled versions for all at first (for bugtesting and using), because official devs may do it too long.
      Maybe as new project or only compiled and source files in other site.
      If it isn't so hard, mail me murz_mail at shtrix dot ru your version of WASTE, I can try to use and test it in my WASTE network (15 users).

    • Eric

      Eric - 2006-12-04

      Please e-mail me and I will check your source to see if we can't put it in the main source tree.

    • Syst3m Crash3r 480

      sh4rd, I'm happy to see that you want to continue WASTE development! :-)
      I hope that WASTE will grow with new features and new ideas... ;-)

    • Murz

      Murz - 2006-12-07

      I'm very happy too! In my city (Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod) we have a P2P-network with many users and every day uses WASTE to get newest files! And we will be VERY happy to see a new version!

    • kramfj

      kramfj - 2006-12-21

      Just wanted to add that we've got a bunch (300+) of happy users here in Indiana who are looking forward to seen progress continue on this project!  Keep up the great work guys!

    • Michael D.

      Michael D. - 2007-01-02

      Shard- I thought I'd let you know that I'm very excited about the future of WASTE development!  Unfortunately, I can't help with any coding.  Just wanted to show my support and gratitude.  Thanks!

    • DASnoloJy

      DASnoloJy - 2007-01-10

      there is some new features cool imho
      1 - install as service (windows)
      2 - presistant connections (like #ip in nightly build)
      3 - virtual fs (for example to link ftp folders, merge folders, ram disk, unc like \\computer\folder)
      4 - api for plugins

      i can help with some coding please conact me icq 313648745

    • earney

      earney - 2007-01-11

      Hi, what do you guys think about seeing if we can get the source code to compile on a free compiler such as dev-c++ (mingw).  That way users without VC++ (.net whatever) can contribute as well.  I think developing open source software with open source tools would be a good way to go.  What do you guys think?

      I like this project, I'd love to see us improve it even more..


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