xxacidmv - 2007-09-23

I know this will not really help people out because it is really easy to figure out and I am guessing that interested parties already know this, but WASTE is a portable program.  This means that if you grab your windows WASTE files (key files and config files) and throw it on a USB drive, that you can then use it on any Windows PC.  At some point I will test it out on WINE but I don't really feel the need because I am running the linux client.

Now the problem with this is that the files are on the drive and if you lose the drive then you have compromised your network security.  But if you are okay with that risk, it can be a nice portable little app to carry around with you.

Just thought I would add this in here as the list of features doesn't say anything about it and it doesn't seem to be on the board anywhere.