Release 4.1.1.noins now available

The 4.1.1.noins release includes some major bug fixes (blank displays). It is labelled "noins" because, despite what the wassChanges file says, this release does not include the new (and exciting) instructor course calendar code (code that displays all of the WASS calendars for a student's course instructors). That code requires some locally-written Blackboard web services, which we are not yet ready to distribute. I did, however, want to get the bug fixes out.

The big news is that we are working on an entirely new release, to be called WASP, which will have a radically revamped, mobile-first interface. Among the new features:

1) All calendars will be able to have zero or more members and zero or more managers.
2) The distinction between slotted and unslotted blocks goes away. Unslotted blocks are blocks that have only 1 slot. That means that all slots can have multiple appointments (if allowed by the block owner).
3) Better integration with Exchange (Outlook) and Google calendar.
4) A fast, Ajax-based interface.
5) Appointments/slots/blocks will all be able to cross a date boundary.

Be on the lookout for WASP this summer. Oh, one other thing --- it will cost twice as much as WASS :-)


Posted by Serge Goldstein 2014-02-27

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