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WASP / News: Recent posts

WASP 1.2 Released

WASP 1.2 includes functions to make form validation automatic and easy to do. It also includes a library of validation functions that you can use to validate common things like phone numbers, zip codes and dates. These functions will conveniently output standard error messages that you can easily override or customize.

Posted by Brian Fioca 2006-02-02

WASP 1.1.1 (Bug Fixes) Released

Added some quotations around configuration files to help with Windows support and support of strange characters in the database connection URL.

Posted by Brian Fioca 2005-12-07

WASP 1.1 Released (PEAR support)

WASP 1.1 has been released, and with it, full PEAR package installation support.

Installation of WASP is as easy as any PEAR package. WASP libraries now exist in a central location for reuse in multiple simultaneous projects.

Posted by Brian Fioca 2005-11-21

WASP 1.0.5 Bug Fixes Released

More WASP Bug Fixes, including fixes to DB Wrapper Generation, as well as phing build.xml script fixes.

Posted by Brian Fioca 2005-11-16

WASP 1.0.1 Bug Fixes Released

1.0.1 is a minor bug fix release addressing some PostgreSQL problems (which aren't yet all resolved), and an issue with incorrect paths in the Chunk files.

Posted by Brian Fioca 2005-11-02

WASP 1.0 Final Released

During the writing of the WASP How-To article, some issues were fixed and improvements were made. You'll want the latest version if you're going to go through the How-To. I should mention the How-To isn't complete yet. I was going to wait until the How-To was complete before I released 1.0, but there's been enough activity lately that I wanted to give people a chance to contribute. If you'd like to make a suggestion or contribution to the How-To, or to other documentation, please subscribe to the mailing list.

Posted by Brian Fioca 2005-10-14

WASP 1.0 RC1 Released

WASP is just about 1.0 ready. Release Candiate 1 is available for download and has everything that will be included in the 1.0 release sans some documentation, bug fixes, and cleanup.

The 1.0 documentation isn't up on the website yet, but it's coming. I wanted to make the code available now and not wait for finished docs.

Posted by Brian Fioca 2005-10-10

wasp 0.9 released

Version 0.9 has been released.
Additions include enhanced error handling with logging and emails. Also, autoload has been implemented removing the necessity of having a require_once call for each included class. This should dramatically increase performance and vastly improve the code development experience.

This release contains just about all of the code slated to be included in the final release of the WASP framework. Bug fixes and some additional util package function additions still remain. Version 1.0 will arrive shortly with full documentation, a completed code generation script library, and possibly a suite of standard modules.

Posted by Brian Fioca 2005-09-08

WASP 0.8 released

WASP is a big step closer to version 1.0. Changed single Page view architecture to Component and Chunk. You can now have pages made up of more than one chunk, which can have more than one template each. This allows for much deeper nesting of page templates.

Posted by Brian Fioca 2005-06-24

WASP 0.5 Released

This is the first release of the WASP php web application framework. The reason it is being labeled 0.5 is because the intended functionality is only approximately half complete. For what it is, it is production stable, and already leaps and bounds ahead of anything else out there for PHP5, however over the course of the next few months I will be extending the functionality to allow for piecemeal page building through template fragments (widget style) and improving the built in historical data libraries.

Posted by Brian Fioca 2005-06-07

Hello World

I've got this project up and running (as you can see) and I'm about to check in version 0.5 of the wasp framework. This version will be production stable, but is lacking in documentation and full featured examples.

Posted by Brian Fioca 2005-06-06