Integration of WarLinux into mandrake?

  • v_b_

    Hello all, newbie to sourceforge and to Linux especially, but i have a serious question that I would greatly appreciate any help on...

    I have a pentium2 laptop (96mbRAM) running win98 & mandrake 9.2 on a dual boot setup, but I can't get mandrake to work properly with the Orinoco Gold 802.11b card that I have (kernel uses pcmcia-cs, which picks orinoco_cs driver, whose functionality is crippled [cannot scan w/ iwpriv, no monitor mode etc.]).  However, WarLinux 0.5 lets me at least associate with a wireless AP (too bad there's no browser included, i.e. lynx or similar); which led me to the question , is there any way to integrate the WarLinux software/tools/kernel/drivers into Mandrake 9.2 or another more suitable [free] distro?

    Taking this step would cull the last strings tying me to win98, since its functionality as a wardriver [through Netstumbler] is greater [in my particular situation] than Mandrake.

    Any help on this matter wiil be greatly & sincerely appreciated!  Down with Windows!


    • teitoku

      What version are you running?  The recent one has lynx.