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New version 1.2.2

Tim Carne (aka quartermaster) has compiled and uploaded a new version. Please see the release notes for more information.

It includes several bug fixes to the game and improvements to the editors.

Thanks to everyone who has helped with this release.

Posted by Steven Green 2003-04-13

Things are happening - Update

The code base is being cleaned up, and some modifications to the battle editor being applied.

Some bug fixes applied and this interim release is ready (quartermaster).

Posted by Steven Green 2002-11-24

Civil War

Civil War is going to be moving to its sorceforge project, called "civilwar". This should make this project less cluttered and confusing should we develope a Civil War scenario for Wargamer.

I will be moving the civil war source code into its own project's CVS tree in the next week or so.

Posted by Steven Green 2001-12-01

Wargamer Release

Version 1.2.0 of Wargamer has been released... this is the first release since Wargamer became open-source.

Posted by Steven Green 2001-08-11

Status Report...

It may look like not much is happening... but I have been making code changes during the last few weeks, mostly bug fixes. But also it is now possible to compile the editors and the game, and they seem fairly stable. So during the next 2 weeks I plan to make a release. The release will include zip files of the source code, and zip files of the compiled programs for non-coders to use. Installation may involve a bit of manual file copying, but I'll try to make it simple.
- Steven.

Posted by Steven Green 2001-08-02

Wargamer compiles with Microsoft Visual C++

The code in CVS will now compile with Microsoft Visual C++. Load up the wargamer.dsw workspace. You can build the combined game, stand-alone battle, stand-alone campaign, or campaign editor... I haven't done the battle editor yet... nor have I written any documentation about how to build it.

It is not very stable, and crashes fairly easily. Getting the code to compile with VC did highlight a few portability problems and also fixed a few little bugs.... read more

Posted by Steven Green 2001-07-03

Wargamer Source code uploaded

I have uploaded the source code... but it needs some more work before it is useful. The development environment is not easy to set up due to incompatibilities between Windows SDK headers and Watcom C++ 11.0b, and various bugs in Watcom C++ which manifest themselves when used with complex code in STLport.

There is some preliminary documentation in the CVS tree, inside wargamer/doc, but it is very incomplete.... read more

Posted by Steven Green 2001-06-13

Wargamer Source Code Coming Soon

Just to keep everyone up to date...

I have been reorganising the Wargamer source code folder layout a bit and trying to get it to compile with the latest versions of things (Watcom C++, STLport, Windows32 API and DirectX API)...

My intention was to get it into a compilable state before uploading it.

I have now got the debug versions to compile on Windows 2000, but Watcom crashes out trying to compile the release version. On Windows Me it crashes more frequently during compilation. This is due to STLport being more complex than it used to be, and the compiler seems unable to handle the quantity of inline code generated by the templates. ... read more

Posted by Steven Green 2001-06-12

Restructuring of Civil War Directories

Jim Schultz (dor10122) has made a good start on restructuring the source code tree to Gnu standards... here is what he says:

"I've uploaded what I have so far. I combined the 'c' and 'lib' directories
into 'src' and the 'h' and 'libh' into 'include.' I figured we can split things
out in the "modularize" task.

The other directories for assembler ('s'), platform-specific code ('win95')
and .bat files ('util') were left.... read more

Posted by Steven Green 2001-03-19

Civil War

Source code for Civil War has been added to CVS. This is quite an old project and was my first real C++ project. I am a bit embarressed about the quality of the code. It will compile with Watcom C++, but I have not been able to run it as I don't have a PC with a suitable graphics card set up at the moment. the first task should be to encapsulate the graphics routines and then make it run under DirectX instead of DOS/Vesa.

Posted by Steven Green 2001-03-11

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