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Warcraft III Version Switch / News: Recent posts

Problems with v7.1

Apparently, a programs folder pops up whenever WC3vSwitch is either installed or uninstalled. I'll get to the bottom of this.

It might be a vista problem. It might be a installer conflict. I'm gonna go check it out to reduce the inconvenience brought upon you.

Brb! :)

Posted by hanyang 2009-08-26

Sourceforge site left!

The site is left to modify. Off to bed.

Shall script the new v7.1, test and put it up on SVN if it's working good.
Will not do a stable release until 1.24b is out.

Once 1.24b is out, release shall be a 1.23a and 1.24b switcher and not a 1.23a and 1.24a. So look out for it!

Publicity is still placed at a low level to fine tune the program and throw out any bugs to make it a stable release.

If you would like to join the team, please request to join.

Posted by hanyang 2009-08-24

Version Switch is up and running!

We've tested both on Windows XP and Windows Vista and it works great.

There's gonna be a version change to change some parts of the installer so that it'll work with future versions.

Stay tuned! ;)

Posted by hanyang 2009-08-24