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Wapiti is moving to Python3

Dear Wapiti users,

Wapiti is currently moving to Python 3.
Feel free to get the current development version on the SVN and try it.
Beware : this is pre-alpha version.


Posted by devloop 2017-03-12

Current SVN version : buster and shellshock modules

Hello everybody !

The current development version of Wapiti (on SVN only) got two new modules :
mod_buster acts as a DirBuster and will find directories and files on the web server
mod_shellshock will test scripts for the cve-2014-6271 vulnerability (bash bug aka shellshock)


Posted by devloop 2014-09-28

Wapiti 2.3.0 is available !

Dear Wapiti users, I'm proud to announce a new version of Wapiti : 2.3.0.

Upgrade is more than recommended. This version brings a lot of stability, new browsing engine, new payloads, more attack vectors...

For a full list, here is the changelog :

Fixed a colosseum of bugs, especially related to unicode.                                                          
Software is much more stable.                                                                                      
New report template for HTML (using Kube CSS).                                                                     
Using v2.1.5 of Nikto database for mod_nikto.                                                                      
Replaced httplib2 with (python-)requests for everything related to HTTP.                                           
Remove BeautifulSoup from package. It is still required however.                                                   
Core rewrite (PEP8 + more Pythonic)                                                                                
New payloads for the backup, XSS, blind SQL, exec and file modules + more                                          
detection rules.                                                                                                   
So many improvements on lswww (crawler) that I can't make a list here. But                                         
Wapiti reached 48% on Wivet.                                                                                       
Wapiti cookie format is now based on JSON.                                                                         
Removed SOCKS proxy support (you will have to use a HTTP to SOCKS proxy).                                          
Added a HTTPResource class for easier module creation.                                                             
Code restructuration for better setup.                                                                             
Attack of parameters in query string even for HTTP POST requests.                                                  
Attack on file uploads (injection in file names).                                                                  
Simpler (and less buggy) colored output with -c.                                                                   
A CURL PoC is given for each vulnerability/anomaly found + raw HTTP                                                
request representation in reports.                                                                                 
No more parameter reordering + can handle parameters repetition.                                                   
Added a JSON report generator + fixed the HTML report generator.                                                   
Added an option to not check SSL certificates.                                                                     
mod_xss : noscipt tag escaping.                                                                                    
Can work on parameters that don't have a value in query string.                                                    
mod_crlf is not activated by default anymore (must call it with -m).                                               
Startings URLs (-s) will be fetched even if out of scope.                                                          
Proxy support for wapiti-getcookie. and wapiti-cookie.                                                             
Attempt to bring an OpenVAS report generator.                                                                      
Added an home-made SWF parser to extract URLs from flash files.                                                    
Added an home-made (and more than basic) JS interpreter based on the                                               
pynarcissus parser. Lot of work still needs to be done on this.                                                    
New logo and webpage at wapiti.sf.net.                                                                             
Added german and malaysian translations.                                                                           
Added a script to create standalone archive for Windows (with py2exe).
Posted by devloop 2013-10-20

Wapiti is looking for translaters

Hi everybody !

I'm looking for some help to translate Wapiti in other languages than english and french.
If you want to join, please read this :


Posted by devloop 2013-09-03

Wapiti needs help : testers, designer, web designer

Hello everybody !

I need help for the next stable version of Wapiti.
If you wan't to participate, please read the following forum posts.

Testers :

Designers :

Web designers :

Kind regards

Posted by devloop 2013-08-24

Wapiti 2.2.0

A new stable version is available with lot of new features and improvements.

Get it now !

Version 2.2.0
Added a manpage.
Internationalization : translations of Wapiti in spanish and french.
Options -k and -i allow the scan to be saved and restored later.
Added option -b to set the scope of the scan based on the root url given.
Wrote a library to save handle cookies and save them in XML format.
Modules are now loaded dynamically with a dependency system.
Rewrote the -m option used to activate / deactivate attack modules.
New module to search for backup files of scripts on the target webserver.
New module to search for weakly configured .htaccess.
New module to search dangerous files based on the Nikto database.
Differ "raw" XSS from "urlencoded" XSS.
Updated BeautifulSoup to version 3.0.8.
Better encoding support for webpages (convert to Unicode)
Added "resource consumption" as a vulnerability type.
Fixed bug ID 2779441 "Python Version 2.5 required?"
Fixed bug with special characters in HTML reports.
Fixed a lot of bugs.

Posted by devloop 2009-12-28

Wapiti 2.1.0 is out !!

We hope everyone will love the improvements since the last beta version.
Scan is faster with httplib2 and blind SQL injections detection was implemented.
See the file ChangeLog_Wapiti for more information :)

Posted by devloop 2009-04-05

Wapiti-1.1.4 available

Posted by devloop 2006-10-07

Bugfixes with Wapiti 1.1.2

I corrected two bugs...
The first in lswww was an regular expression error when handling links to parent directory.
The second was a programming error in Wapiti with POST attacks and HTTP error code.

Posted by devloop 2006-08-09

Version 1.1.1 was released

Please don't use the version 1.1.0 anymore...

Wapiti 1.1.1 fixed several errors like the 'unbound local error' or an error with redundant slashes in urls

Posted by devloop 2006-08-08

Wapiti 1.1.0 (new version)

This new version of Wapiti use the urllib2 module instead of httplib and urllib.

The -c option now allows you to create cookie files so you don't have to type the sessions IDs anymore. Wapiti does all the stuff :)

Proxy support have been added.

Detect more vulnerabilities : LDAP and CRLF Injection.

More efficient with MySQL and XSS injections.

Posted by devloop 2006-07-28

Wapiti 1.0.2 now available !!

This new release comes with new features and fixes several bugs with url handling or HTML study.

Wapiti will scan for more vulnerabilities like XPath Injection, Java errors or PHP require* functions.
Wapiti now attacks URLs that don't have parameters (QUERY_STRING)

Two more options appeared :
-r allow you to remove a parameter from urls
-u will highlight the vulnerable parameter using red color in output (Unix only)... read more

Posted by devloop 2006-07-14

Wapiti 1.0.1

Wapiti now have cookie support.
Use getcookie.py or cookie.py to send credentials to a login form and get the session ID.
Then use this session ID with Wapiti (option -c or --cookie) to search vulnerabilities in private areas.
Several bugfixes have been made.

Posted by devloop 2006-06-23