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Statement of support

You may have noticed that the last news item posted on the wap11gui project page is from 2003. You may have wondered what that means for the future of wap11gui (although I would hope you have more important things to worry about, but still...)

Like most software that's tied to one product, wap11gui's usefulness was expected to diminish with time, as the hardware it was designed to support became obsolete. I finally decomissioned my WAP11 about a month ago, and thought that this would be a good opportunity to make the following public statement:... read more

Posted by Ori Pessach 2006-11-14

Compile problem on Fedora Core 1 resolved

The Fedora team released new net-snmp packages that fix the issue that caused wap11gui's compilation to fail.

Ori Pessach

Posted by Ori Pessach 2003-12-11

Compile problem on Fedora Core 1

wap11gui won't compile on the default install of Fedora Core 1. The problem is with net-snmp 5.0.9, which has its own copy of getopt.h, which clashes with /usr/include/getopt.h when compiling C++ programs. (The system header has a throw() modifier on the declaration, which the net-snmp header doesn't).

This issue was acknowledged by the net-snmp team, and will be fixed upstream. I don't know when the Fedora team will issue patches, if at all. In the meantime, you can work around the problem by applying the following patch to /usr/include/net-snmp/utilities.h:... read more

Posted by Ori Pessach 2003-12-09

Binaries released for version 0.12

RPM packages for RedHat 8.0 and 9 were released.

Posted by Ori Pessach 2003-09-08

WAP11GUI version 0.12 released

WAP11GUI is an SNMP management application for the Linksys WAP11 wireless access point. It provides a Unix/Linux user with a graphical, QT based interface with which to configure and manage a WAP11 AP over a LAN. The biggest news (if you could call it that) in this release is that a memory leak that went unnoticed for 2 years has been fixed. Many thanks to the user who took the time to report this issue. The leak was really only noticable when using the ethernet/wireless statistics windows.... read more

Posted by Ori Pessach 2003-09-04

RedHat 8 and 9 binary packages are now available

RedHat binary RPMs are available now, and SuSe and Mandrake packages are planned.

Be careful not to install the wrong RPM on the wrong system. Weird things will happen. If anyone has an idea how to get RPM to prevent this, please let me know - rpm's documentation is rather sparse.

Ori Pessach

Posted by Ori Pessach 2003-08-14

Version 0.11 released

This version fixes some issues with the build system, allowing KDevelop to build the project again (this has been broken in various ways for a while).

Also, the changes to the build system should allow the release of RPM packages more easily. Expect those to show up soon, at least for RedHat systems.

I changed the default font size, which might fix some of the widget sizing issues. This needs to be fixed in a more appropriate way, but it'll take a while.... read more

Posted by Ori Pessach 2003-08-13

Version 0.10 released

This release fixes (I think) some of the compilation problems people reported. This release was tested on RedHat 8 and 9 systems. That's 100% more systems than usual.

Going forward, I plan to start fixing compilation and configuration problems, working towards a 1.0 release.

Posted by Ori Pessach 2003-08-01

wap11gui Version 0.9

It's out. The MAC authorization works now, some bugs were fixed, and new ones were put in, just to keep you on your toes. See if you can find them.


Ori Pessach

Posted by Ori Pessach 2003-02-15

Build problems with V0.8, and a workaround

The tarball for wap11gui 0.8 included a few generated files by mistake. This causes the build to fail when compiling against QT 3.0. The build will fail at the link stage, with a couple of undefined
references to `SNMPConfigForm::event(QEvent *)'

Until I release a fixed tarball (soon!), the workaround is to do a 'make clean' before trying to build.

Thanks go to Peter J. DiCostanzo Jr. for reporting the problem and enduring my feeble attempts at debugging it.

Posted by Ori Pessach 2002-08-10

WAP11GUI V0.8 Released

This release fixes the ESSID truncation bug, and should display the correct regulatory domain in some cases.

Posted by Ori Pessach 2002-07-18

ESSID truncation bug

There was a bug in wap11gui that caused the ESSID field to be truncated to the length of the previous value entered. This is a serious problem, that may prevent the wireless network from working properly. This is fixed in CVS now, and I'll release a new version with the fix as soon as possible.

Thanks to Bruno Lopes F. Cabral for pointing this out to me. You the Man, Bruno!

Posted by Ori Pessach 2002-07-16

WAP11GUI V0.7 Released

It's out, and it's better than ever. More widgets, more functionality, and more oomph.

Read the change log for a list of changes.


Ori Pessach

Posted by Ori Pessach 2002-04-28

WAP11GUI V0.6 Released

Go get it.

New password change dialog, auto refresh in the stats dialogs, and some bug fixes. Have fun!

Posted by Ori Pessach 2002-04-07

WAP11GUI can change SNMP password now

The CVS version of WAP11GUI can change the SNMP administration password now. If you can't wait for V0.6, grab the CVS version, and have fun!

Posted by Ori Pessach 2002-04-05

WAP11GUI 0.5 released

Release 0.5 of WAP11GUI is now available. It should be quite functional at this point, and some (not a lot) testing has been done to make sure that it at least compiles on the developer's machine. Have fun!

Posted by Ori Pessach 2002-03-30

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