naipo - 2013-04-05


I'm testing 2 different situations:
One - I use WANem live CD (v2.3 and v3.0BETA) and most of functions work ok, but no disconnection appear to work.
Second - I use WANem on Debian Squeeze and in this case the same happen, most functions i.e. delay, loss, duplication, bandwidth work fine but disconnection doesn’t work at all.
In both cases I work with 3 PCs, one as a Client (windows), one as a Server(windows), and one as WANem (live CD with knoppix, or Debian). WANem PC have 2 interfaces, so some functions work strange (i.e. to do ping I have to set parameters for both eth0 and eth1, because when I set parameters only on one eth, in a result, only traffic in one direction have set parameters). Can it be the problem that I use 2 interfaces and this is the cause that disconnection doesn’t work? Have you got any idea how to fix it?

I’ve looked at the scripts and you are using for disconnection iptables. So I use iptables as a commend on WANem i.e. I set “iptables –A FORWARD –j REJECT –reject-with icmp-host-unreachable” and it works! In a result no traffic is forwarded by WANem and I also get icmp with information that the host is unreachable Other cases work as well (icmp-port-unreachable, net-unreachable, or setting with –p tcp or udp or icmp). This isn’t happen when I set it with WANem interface www.

I find another strange WANem’s behaviour but it appears only on Debian, when I add settings for some path (set ip source and destination address, mask ) it seems to work but as a result WANem sets a new additional rule so I have 2 rules on www (this isn’t happen on live CD) and text-fields are remain empty, but the rule seems to work. When I install WANem on Debian I've upgraded kernel so now is 3.2 (because without it bandwidth settings didn’t work) and I've also installed conntrack, I've given www-data user privileges to work without a password, and every files have all of their necessary permissions.
Also I can save my parameters on live CD and next use them but on Debian I can only save parameters but I can't restore them and I get information "Restoration Failure !".

I can’t find the reason of this problems so I decided to ask for help. How can I fix this problems?