WANem Support

  • Naga Raja Rao Tulasi


    I am trying to test throughtput of a protocol stack with WANem (Bandwidth, Data rate, latency, jitter etc.. ). Is it possible to test the same using WANem?

    Also, it will be helpful if one can pass the TCS contact for this tool. I have tried to reach through mail, but none replied.
    So was wondering if there is any support available?

    Raj Tulasi.

  • buzzLightYear

    buzzLightYear - 2012-07-02

    Hi Raj,
    I don't believe there is direct support from TCS for WANem. This forum can be used for raising questions.
    WANem is a bandwidth emulation tool and can be used for testing the parameters that you mentioned. Can you be more specific about your test setup?

  • Naga Raja Rao Tulasi

    Hello, The test setup is to test a protocol stack.
    Two instance of stack will be ported on to two boards (powerpc). the two boards are connected via a hub (prob running at 100 Mbps). In this case, if I plan to run WANem on a VM, where do I place the WANem tool and how do i use the tool?

    How do I pump data using WANem to test stack's data rate, jitter, latency etc?


  • buzzLightYear

    buzzLightYear - 2012-07-03

    Hi Raj,
    Please refer the documentation section at the http://wanem.sourceforge.net. The setup guide should help you with all the answers. The documentation is for release 2.2 and it applies fully to the current release.


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