#10 Router not communicating


My linksys router is not communicating correctly to run the server. I can connect to the internet using my wireless router e1000 just fine.

I updated my linksys router port forwarding 80 to 80 / protocol both / to ip address (113 comes from ipconfig IPv4 address)
I am using dynDNS details show my router IP's Your current location's IP address is 97.76.1xxxxx address
the www folder is in the correct location
local host runs the proper website of wawi.dyndns.tv/index.html
windows 8 64

I have been using wamp for about 3-4 years now. This started after I put a internet usb stick and it took over that drive letter and moved the wamp to another drive, so I renamed the drive letter to M, reinstalled wamp.

But hard as I try I can't figure out why nothing else on the www folder is showing up via a web address such as http://wawi.dyndns.tv/GoogleStore/Ecommerce/

I just get the error message: Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to wawi.dyndns.tv


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