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WampServer 2.0c available

WampServer 2.0c (third release of WampServer 2) is available

Posted by romain bourdon 2008-06-10

WAMP5 1.6.6 with PHP 5.2.0 is out

This new release of WAMP5 includes the very lastest version of PHP 5.2.0. It also includes MySQL 5.0.27 and the latest version of phpmyadmin.

Of course, you can directly upgrade from 1.6.x versions.

All add-ons stay compatible and should be quickly also updated.

Posted by romain bourdon 2006-11-04

New release of WAMP5 with PHP 5.1.6

This new release of WAMP5 now comes with PHP 5.1.6, Apache 2.0.59, MySQL 5.0.24a and phpmyadmin

I've added extra items in the menu for the PHP settings.

The PHP4 and MySQL admin add-ons have also been updated.

Of course, you can directly upgrade from all 1.6.x versions.

Posted by romain bourdon 2006-09-13

WAMP5 1.1 available at SourceForge

WAMP5 dowloads have migrated to SourceForge

Posted by romain bourdon 2004-08-09