#18 Trouble using wampserver 5

jide creppy

Hi everyone,

I'm just getting started with this and apparently can't even get past setting up the WampServer database. So frustrating! I've been following all instructions but when I go to http localhost/phpmyadmin I am getting the dreaded HTTP Error 404.

Wamp is running - it's telling me I have 1 of 2 services running - server offline.

I also found an older post with instructions to change the listen to 81 and then view at localhost:81. That did not solve the problem.

I'm using Windows 7, have restarted my computer several times and just have no idea what the problem is or how to fix it. Any assistance would be HUGELY appreciated! Thank you in advance!


  • BlossomO

    BlossomO - 2012-05-11

    This awesome server can be found for download at official web page WampServer.
    - install WampServer on our windows. You will receive a Security Warning after opening WampServer file. It is absolutely normal to run WampServer setup on windows.
    - You will see a standard setup wizard of windows after clicking Run button on security warning dialog.
    - You have to agree the license of WampServer before selecting installation destination at your windows machine.
    - It is very important step of WampServer installation. I will recommend to install WampServer at the drive other than Windows 7 installation. Suppose your Windows 7 is install in C drive so you should install WampServer on D, E or any other location in hard drive except C drive.
    - When you click on the Next button then a Select Additional Tasks dialog will appear on your screen, if you would like setup to perform while installing WampServer 2.
    - Setup is now ready to begin installing WampServer 2.1d on your computer. Click on Install button to start installation of WampServer 2.1d
    - After allowing access to Apache server, you are at SMTP server configuration dialog. You can specify the SMTP server and the address mail to be used by PHP when using the function mail(). I will recommend the following
    - Set SMTP: localhost
    - Set email : to your email address
    - after this you would have successfully installed WampServer 2.1 d along with Apache, MySql, PHP, phpMyAdmin and SqlBuddy at your computer.
    Run it and Enjoy!!!

  • Hunter123

    Hunter123 - 2012-05-12

    Hi there,
    The thing is installation of wamp server 5 on your C: drive will not let "localhost" run on your browser.
    Uninstall the precious set up and then try installing it on you D: drive , and then see if this would work. This may be a common problem among windows 7 64/34 bit users.
    Hope this works BYE!!!

  • Anderson Silva

    Anderson Silva - 2016-03-26

    My case was resolved with start the WAMP with adminstration mode in the windows.


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