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BeFTN 1.4 RC2

Our BeFTN package contains followings:

English docs:
- fidoconfig
- hpt
- htick
- bsopack
- hptcode
- ftrack

Tosser & utils:
- hpt
- hpttree
- hptsqfix
- hptlink
- linked
- linkedto
- bsopack
- uudeview
- uuenview
- hptkill
- hptcode
- ftrack (prot S.Zharski)
- sqpack

install & config tools
- fconf2binkd
- fconf2squish
- fconf2golded

- binkd 0.9.5a
- BinkleyTerm (port S.Zharski)
- diskpoll... read more

Posted by Siarzhuk Zharski 2003-09-22

New official release stable build of BeFTN (husky)

Notes: New official release stable build of BeFTN
add stable version Husky Tools:
bsopack 0.2.1 (bsopack-0_2-release) Netmail packer fidoconfig 0.14.1 (fidoconf-0_14-release) Fidoconfig library hpt 1.2.1 (hpt-1_2-release) High Portable Tosser
hptsqfix 1.2.1 (hptsqfix-1_2-release) Squish msgbase repair tool
htick 1.0.1 (htick-1_0-release) File ticker for FTN
nltools 1.2.1 (nltools-1_2-release) FTN nodelist tools
smapi 2.2.1 (smapi-2_2_1-release) MsgAPI library for Husky soft
sqpack 1.2.3 (sqpack-1_2-release) Msgbase purger
add UUE scanner for msgbases
add new build of BinleyTerm
add Binkd
add Qico

Posted by Paul Galashin 2002-11-13

BTXE BeOS port released!

We have released two version of BinkleyTerm/XE for BeOS. The first version is for using as standalone application. The second one uses fidoconfig configuration from Husky fidonet tools.

Posted by Siarzhuk Zharski 2002-11-09

Hallo Paul !!! You are welcome! =-)

We have some changes in our Team! Paul Galashin (wbleys) has joined us. Welcome Paul!

Posted by Siarzhuk Zharski 2002-06-27

We are migrating to Husky fido tools

We are going to use actively developed Husky fido tools for our next distributions. The Crashmail + gtic + etc. branch looks like freezed and will be not improved. There are no resources to continue work on it. There is also some problems with qico mailer. Current BeOS-portable branch 0.48.* is not updated for long time. Branch 0.49.* was redesigned radically and looks like will be not portable anymore on BeOS. Thank you guys! =-( But we hope on our success with BeOS port of BinkleyTerm XE. It is on the way. Some modem-handling problems still stay on but we still hope. Husky-related updates coming soon !!! Do not go away for a long time!

Posted by Siarzhuk Zharski 2002-06-27

Forgotten FMA binaries uploaded ...

This week I saw something strange. People downloaded FMA version of CrashMAil many times, but nobody downloaded FMA sources itself ... I think they where disappointed, trying to run that version of CM. Sorry ... Just download precompiled libFMA.so binaries and put it to /boot/home/config/lib. After that CM should work ...

Posted by Siarzhuk Zharski 2001-11-02

A bunch of releases available for D/L

Now you can download following files from our "Files" page:

1) CrashMail

- version compiled without FMA support.

- version compiled with FMA support.

- sources of latest version.

2) FMA
- FMA API reference.

- port of FMA for BeOS sources.

3) Walther
- alpha-138 binaries... read more

Posted by Siarzhuk Zharski 2001-10-21

CrashMail news ...

Some workaround for famous "bad pkt" problem added. ALLOWSNULLPASSWORD config key. CrashMail will just not check for passwords on incoming pkts. Also added possibility to compile non-FMA configurations. Just set NO_FMA key in Makefile.beos to 1 and rebuild CrashMail.

Posted by Siarzhuk Zharski 2001-10-21

gtic is finally ported.

Some problems, that exists from previous version is fixed now:
1) Some helpers scripts fixed - announces about new areas creations and new files notifications is works now.
2) Area manager is made working. Just read "config" file for comments how to activate it.
3) Locking is working too. Not stressly tested but working ... =-)

As soon as possible it'll be released as binary package. But now you should use anonymous cvs access to grab sources and compile them by yourself. Please wait some time ...

Posted by Siarzhuk Zharski 2001-10-19

Opss! You can get Walther sources.

Walther sources uploaded onto CVS. Module name "Walther".

WARNING!!! The current copy is in half-way to real-working application. Use tag "alpha_0_1_0" to download really working well-famos "alpha-0.1.0-138" version.

Posted by Siarzhuk Zharski 2001-10-14

CrashMail FMA support added.

OK. Messagebase handling in this version of CrashMail provided by FMA Library. JAM, Squish and FTS-1 bases handled by FMA but BFS not FMA. Probably in the futire BFS support will disappear or transform to something like FSC-0007 base format with Be file system attributes ...
New version is accessible by tag "release_0_6_2_beos_fma".
WARNING!!! Not tested. =-)))

Posted by Siarzhuk Zharski 2001-10-14

FMA (Fidone Mail Access) Library for BeOS

Well. I port this library for BeOS. This port based on original sources version 1.10.97.

WARNING!!! Not very tested ... Be accurate if using ...

Posted by Siarzhuk Zharski 2001-10-14

gtic is here too ...

The sources of BeOS gtic-port uploaded. this version based on original 1.3b sources with tma3 patch.

WARNING!!! some features not work - like announcing and AreaMgr answers - see README for details.

Posted by Siarzhuk Zharski 2001-10-14

qico sources uploaded too ...

The BeOS port of qico based on version 0.48.5 (AKA stable) of original sources was uploaded.

Posted by Siarzhuk Zharski 2001-10-14

About CrashMail II module changes ...

Let's there be rock!

New CrashMail II sources was re-uploaded, merged with new 0.62 Billing's sources. This module is accessible by name "CrashMail" and release tag "release_0_6_2_beos". It's support only one messagebase format - BFS.

WARNING!!! Old version with name "crashmail" is obsolete and will be removed as soon as possible.

Posted by Siarzhuk Zharski 2001-10-14

Walther still alive. =-)

He-he ... Now I have some time to maintain Walther. At least to upload sources onto CVS. =-) But, probably, I'll continue development ...

Posted by Siarzhuk Zharski 2001-10-14

CrashMail/BFS sources uploaded ...

Uploaded CrashMail sources with BFS support ...
Other stuff will be available soon ...

Posted by Siarzhuk Zharski 2001-02-22

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