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Walrus CMS / News: Recent posts

Started on Google App Engine

On the way to being compatible with Google App Engine, Walrus today was started on the App Engine infrastructure successfully for the first time.

Posted by miceuz 2010-10-25

Version 1.5.0 is out

Sorry, last release was a bit buggy. This one fixes all the bugs and introduces some major changes:
* Spring framework 3
* Controller, service and ajax layers have been refactored vigoriously

Posted by miceuz 2010-10-22

Walrus version 1.4.2 is out

We are happy to announce a new release that is available for download.

The main additional feature in this release is theming capabilities - now it is possible to have several different themes in one Walrus installation and quickly switch between themes - please note theme switching control in the bottom of the page after you log in. The experimental theme called 'html5' was added to illustrate this functionality. ... read more

Posted by miceuz 2010-10-18

Creating a site theming engine

We currently have been busy tinkering the mechanisms that will enable users to switch from one design theme to another in Walrus way - just point and click and that's it. The code is available in SVN already. Currently we are preparing a new theme to demo this functionality in a new release that will be available shortly.

Posted by miceuz 2010-10-06

A release!

So, finally files are released. The walrus is in general production ready, all i had to do is to tidy up code and create a demo bundle for you to play. The feedback is greatly appreciated!

Posted by miceuz 2010-09-21