Wallpaper don't change in Gnome Shell

  • Miquel Ràmia

    Miquel Ràmia - 2011-07-18

    In a new computer at work i'm using latest Fedora 15 with Gnome Shell, then installed wally as usually with rpm, but when wally is running wallpaper does not change.

    Anyone with the same issue? Just to see if it's a Gnome Shell issue or if wally installation gone wrong

  • toutatis2003

    toutatis2003 - 2011-08-27

    Hi, I found the problem's origin two months ago : gnome3 change the way displaying a wallpaper picture :
    change this line used by Gnome 2 (Fedora before 15)
    `gconftool-2 -type string -set /desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename "$photo"`;
    for this line used by Gnome 3 (Fedora 15)
    `gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background picture-uri "file:///$photo"`;
    (you can found this at http://efreedom.com/Question/6-34057/Change-Scripting-Gnome3-Wallpaper
    I gave this information to Tony at Beecruz, waiting for a 2.4.2 version …. waiting !

  • Antonio Di Monaco


    I'm just building 2.4.2 version of Wally. It should be available in next days.

    Thanks a lot,


  • toutatis2003

    toutatis2003 - 2011-08-27

    Hi Tony,
    I don't wanted to disturb you, you do a very nice job !!! and I know you're busy …. so I will try to modify your sources, but reading your post, i will wait some days for the 2.4.2 version !
    Thanks for your job, BR


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