Bug in Mac OSX Build

  • Bryce

    Bryce - 2009-10-21

    I couldn't find a more formal bug reporting system, so I guess the forum will do.
    I'd like to bring to your attention a bug in the package for Mac OSX, specifically in the .app that's built. The Info.plist specifies the executable name as "wally", when in fact it should be "Wally". This won't cause problems for users with case-insensitive filesystems, but it does break the .app on case-sensitive formats.
    I fixed this pretty easily myself by opening the app and modifying the plist manually, however I doubt this could be expected of most end-users.


  • Antonio Di Monaco

    Thanks so much,

    it will be fixed in next version. I'm not so expert in MacOSX bundles & packaging.

    Only one question: does this create a problem in running the app?

    Thanks again,



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