Feature Request : Multi Monitor

  • Manpreet Singh Nehra

    I recently purchased 2 monitors and added to my earlier single monitor setup to make it 3 screen wide setup. As i mentioned in the topic a really good feature to have would be to allow different screens have different wallpapers initially and/or even different setups per screen

  • Miquel Ràmia

    Miquel Ràmia - 2011-04-06

    Second that!

    The only software that really worked for me in dual display is DisplayFusion (only for Windows I think D: ).

    Same, diferent wallpapers for each screen and the option for only one large dual (or triple for manpreet :P) wallpaper across all screens would be the basic features.

    hope this idea is taken into account! It crossed my mind to try this myself playing with the code, but my background in programming is from a bioinformatician with perl, php, bashScript and Rscripting :( . Someday I'll give it a try if this feature is not added soon.


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