Folder Options Revisited

  • Anonymous - 2010-12-19

    Hi Tony! I totally enjoy your project and it has turned my computer experience into a more vivid an mobile one! I usually use it to point to a folder of images. I use my laptop in home and at coffee shops. When I'm in the coffee shop, I would like to easily turn off the folder I normally rotate at home as it's not appropriate for public areas. I would then pick another folder which is more appropriate. Do you possibly have plans to include an enable/disable flag control in the settings/folder option? I have tried renaming the folder I'm looking at but then Wally removes the entire folder from the settings and I have to set it up again. What I was invisioning was a flag switch control plus if all image sources are off (folders/web sites), Wallhy will clear the image. Or perhaps a "boss" key :) I'll see if I can donate to the project next month after Christmas!

  • Antonio Di Monaco


    I'm glad that you like Wally :)

    Just yesterday I started writing Wally 3.0. It will be a sum of all feedbacks and suggestions collected in this year. And your feature will be added for sure.

    Thanks a lot,



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