Thomas Schittli - 2010-08-20


I just had the following ideas:
Sometimes, we get really bad pictures and then it would be very userful if we can switch to the
next picture. I fast double-click to the tray icon … and then Wally searches for the next picture
for a long time (it's long because of that active picture).

My idea should be simple:
If Wally changed the picture, it immediately search for the next one. If we doubleclick
the the Tray icon, then Wally can change the picture immediately from it's prefetch

My 2nd idea relates to the configurationof the different modules: it's not
so easy to guess which kind of picture we will get based on a search

Therefore, it would be great if on the right side of the module configuration,
just below the Buttons "Add a photo set" and "Delete photo set", you could
place a 3rd button: "Preview photo set" and each time, we click on this button,
Wally changes the background with a picture from the photo set. This way,
we could click about 5..10 times and get an idea about the result we can

Thanks a lot!,
kind regards,