Package 2.4.1 for Natty

  • Mykro

    Mykro - 2011-03-22

    Hi there,  just wanted to say that I tried Wally 2.4.1 under Natty Alpha 3 and it seems to work well. 

    At the moment, The Natty repositories are slated to ship with Wally 2.3.2, unchanged from Maverick.

    Because 2.4.1 adds an entry to the Application Menu where 2.3.2 doesn't, is there a chance that 2.4.1 will make it into the Natty repositories?  It would make it much easier for inexperienced users to find and use Wally (not to mention receiving all the extra features in 2.4.1!)

  • Antonio Di Monaco


    it's not a quick answer.

    When I started writing Wally, I thought about chance of introducing it in Ubuntu repository.

    Wally has a big problem regarding Ubuntu repository, i.e. KDE integration. Wally does not need KDE if you use Gnome or whatever, but it needs KDE libraries if you use KDE.

    I asked several times to Ubuntu mantainers if there was a way to detect WM during installation. No answer. So I decided to give up.

    Later, an Ubuntu packager offered to package Wally for Ubuntu, making the unavoidable mistake of introducing KDE dependency in Wally, even if you don't need it. I wasn't able to oppose to such decision, it was his right to do it, but I strongly discourage it.

    So, I decided to package Wally for Ubuntu by myself, separating dependencies according to user system configuration, and publishing them on my web sites, instead of official repository.

    In few words: I cannot support Ubuntu repository. So you should ask to the Wally Ubuntu package maintainer for that. Even if I still think that it's not a good idea.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for your testing, so now I know that my packages are compatible with future Natty release :)



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