"Folders" includes linked su...

  • Ovocean

    Ovocean - 2010-06-30

    When I add a folder in the Folders list, I can choose "Include subfolders", but it doesn"t seem to follow symbolic links (in Ubuntu) to other folders. Is there a way to do this ?
    I know I could just directly add those linked folders to Wally's folders list, but doing this makes some images show up a lot more times than others. E.g. : If i have 2 folders in the list with one containing 1 picture and the other one containing 200, the single image from the first folder will be displayed half of the time.

  • Antonio Di Monaco


    I've just added the support for symbolic links.

    Thanks a lot,


  • Ovocean

    Ovocean - 2010-06-30

    You're a hero ! :oD

    Thanks a lot more.


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