flittermouse - 2013-07-03

First of all, thanks to Thomas and anyone else involved for your work on this wol utility. Some time ago, I downloaded wol-0.6.0-win32.zip from the wol project on sf.net, and it has generally worked well for my purposes. Recently, I started experiencing problems where machines wouldn't "wake up".
I confirmed that target machines BIOS configurations were set to support wake on LAN. I successfully tried the wol utility from a different machine, which suggested the problem was on my workstation (Windows 7 Pro 64-bit). With a bit of help from Microsoft Network Monitor, I discovered that the wol utility insists on using my "VirtualBox Host-Only Network" interface, even though the documentation suggests it should be broadcasting on all interfaces ( by default. Temporarily disabling the "VirtualBox Host-Only Network" interface worked, but only until I restarted my workstation. Even though it shouldn't be necessary for broadcasting on all interfaces, I made sure my main interface has the highest priority in the Adapters and Bindings list. As a workaround, I can specify the broadcast address for the subnet to which the target machine is connected. This works fine...
I'm submitting this mostly out of curiosity.

Thank you!