assert in learn, randomforest alg.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    you can see stack strace at

    btw, in the build instructions, why do you insist on building release ? not
    helpful when user gets asserts


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    That assert says that the feature-vector passed in to GDecisionTree::predict
    contains a nominal value that is inconsistent with the meta-data use to train
    the decision tree. Unfortunately, I cannot determine from the stack trace how
    that occurred. If the issue is due to user-error rather than a bug in my code,
    then that assert should be changed to an exception so that it will appear in
    optimized builds too. Are repro steps available? (You could email them to me
    if you'd rather not post them on the forum, and I would agree to only use your
    data for the purpose of debugging this issue, and then delete it.)

    Many of the users of this project are researchers in other fields who just
    want everything to work, and don't want to know about development issues. The
    instructions in README.txt are deliberately terse, and are written to get
    people started quickly. I think that most developers would know that debugging
    works better in debug mode, but there's always room to improve the
    documentation. Even small wording changes to the documentation would be a
    welcome contribution.

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    Message "Value XYZ in column #12, row #3456 is inconsistent with metadata"

    would be lead user in the right way -- assuming this happened from input-file

    I do not understand fromyour reply wherther inconsistent data in user file
    cause you to assert.

    assert signals internal inconsistency in the program. normally, without
    debugger, one can't uncover reasong of assert.

    regarding int 3. you assume intel processor here ....

    more portable way to abort like assert(0) does is


    this works on win32, & unix

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Well, if there was an inconsistency in the file, then it should have been
    caught when the file was parsed. So I don't yet know where the bug is. I
    suspect there is probably a bug in the GDecisionTree class somewhere, but I
    don't have a repro.

    Thanks for your suggestion to improve the portability of the GAssert. I
    removed the "int 3" as you suggested, but I changed it to call
    "__debugbreak()" because this seems to make Visual Studio break, whereas
    "raise(SIGABORT)" just seems to make it terminate. You seem to be a good
    programmer, so if you would like to contribute changes, I would be happy to
    give you commit access to our Subversion repository.



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