Requests for waffles_transform

  • Anonymous - 2012-06-22

    A couple requests--not a big deal as it's pretty easy to code these myself
    outside of waffles, but would help with completeness:

    1. It would be handy to have an option in waffles_transform along the lines of dropmissingvalues that would drop any column whose values are all identical.
    2. Rebuild the list of class values for a nominal attribute from the values in that column.

    On both of the above, my issue is that I'm finding that after I do a split on
    an arff dataset, I have some redundant columns/attributes.


  • Mike Gashler

    Mike Gashler - 2012-06-22

    1 sounds pretty easy to implement. I don't quite understand #2. Could you

    elaborate on what it does and how that differs from what you would prefer?

  • Anonymous - 2012-06-22

    I'd rephrase #2 as: Remove class values for categorical attributes that are no
    longer present in that column.

    For instance, suppose you have file1.arff that starts out with the attribute:

    @ATTRIBUTE people {Alice, Bob, Charlie}

    Now I do some sort of split on the file1.arff producing file2.arff. In
    file2.arff, I only have "Bob" and "Charlie" in this column. What I'd like is a
    command in waffles_transform that will reset the ATTRIBUTE list to just say

    @ATTRIBUTE people {Bob, Charlie}



  • Nobody/Anonymous

    ok, I added both features. Here is example usage:

    waffles_transform drophomogcols mydata.arff


    waffles_transform dropunusedvalues mydata.arff



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