Manually install the packages?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Using a UNIX system, what would be the commands to use to manually install the
    packages, if a 'package manager' was not available?

    In the installation instructions, it says to install 'libpng3-dev'.

    I have FTP's all the Waffle files into my account and now wish to begin
    installation. I don't seem to have a package manager and hence my request for
    help with commands where I can install the package manually.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    What flavor of UNIX doesn't have a package manager? Here's the command to
    install a package for several different distros (don't forget to be switch to
    root before you run these commands, and replace package_name with the
    appropriate package name):


    pkg_add -r package_name

    Darwin or Mac OSX

    download Fink from


    pkgadd -d package_name


    installp -qacXgd rpm.rte rpm.rte

    rpm -i package_name

    Fedora or CentOS

    yum check-update

    yum install package_name


    urpmi.update -a

    urpmi package_name


    zypper refresh

    zypper install package_name

    Debian or Ubuntu

    aptitude update

    aptitude install package_name


    pacman -Sy

    pacman -S package_name


    equo update

    equo install package_name


    pisi update-repo

    pisi install package_name

    rPath or Foresight

    conary update package_name


    slapt-get --update

    slapt-get --install package_name


    slackpkg update

    slackpkg install package_name


    netpkg package_name

    Another one

    smart install package_name

    Yet antoher

    pkcon install package_name

    If you really don't have a package manager, the best solution may be to get
    one =). If that's not an option for some reason, I suppose you could do it the
    old fashion way: Download the source code and build all of your packages
    manually. Usually the steps are something like this:

    1- tar xvfz package_name.tar.gz

    2- cd package_name

    3- make configure

    4- make

    5- sudo make install

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    In the Makefile for any of the apps, there is a line that specifies LFLAGS. On
    this line, you will see "-lpng". This tells the linker to link with
    /usr/lib/ Usually, /usr/lib/ is a symbolic link to
    /usr/lib/, or something like that. So you can manually hack
    it by building that file from the sources, copy it to /usr/lib, and then make
    a symbolic link to it in that folder. Or you can edit the Makefile to specify
    a different path to the libpng library. (replace "-lpng" with



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