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#4 Patch for deprectiation/ Python3


Simple patch switching away from depreciated call function depreciated in python 2.3, and removed in 3.


  • Andres Riancho

    Andres Riancho - 2009-05-06

    Steve, I think that this is a really serious issue, and will became a problem in the future. Could you please help us, and run the 2to3 tool to w3af? Do you know if the code resulting form the 2to3 tool can be run in python2.5?

  • Steve Pinkham

    Steve Pinkham - 2009-05-07

    No, Python 3 code isn't backwards compatible. The python 2-3 transition requires updating the code to remove depreciation, then running 2to3. So far the depreciated code is minimal, so the transition for this project should be relatively easy..
    I am running Python 2.6 with the "-3" flag at the moment to try to clean up any obvious badness, and later I'll install Python 3 itself to test the results of 2to3.
    w3af will need 2 separate versions while the 2-3 transitions happens, and the maintained version will be the version 2 code, with the version 3 being auto-generated by 2to3.

  • Andres Riancho

    Andres Riancho - 2009-05-07

    I just applied the patch. If possible, please submit all the deprecated code like this one so we can migrate the code in the future.

    Do you want me to give you SVN commit privileges, so you can commit your changes yourself? If the answer is yes, please send an email to the develop mailing list, explaining that you'll be doing this job, and you need SVN access.

    I'm closing this patch submission. Thanks!!

  • Andres Riancho

    Andres Riancho - 2009-05-07
    • status: open --> closed-fixed