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PHP Voice website

A new website is installed for the PHP Voice project, more feature are coming soon !

Posted by Hatem 2004-10-31

PHP voice on CVS

The latest code of PHP voice is available in CVS. New modular feature and some modules added to the VXML class.

Posted by Hatem 2004-10-31

PHP Voice beta0.0.1 fixed

The package was broken due to a problem in my compiler, it's fixed now. please test it and send me your feedbacks.

Posted by Hatem 2004-04-24

PHP Voice is back

It's no longer php-vxml class but PHP-Voice. The project now support VXML, SSML, CCXML and SRGS. First release you will find only php classes. Thank you for sending me your comments and suggestion so we can make the classes more usefull.

Posted by Hatem 2004-04-21

PHP-VXML continue its development in sourceforge

The development of the VXML tools will be hosted in sourceforge. After PHP code, i'll work on the c++ and java implementation of the VXML tools.

Posted by Hatem 2003-01-08