Commit Date  
[r36651] by peter_vanroose

avoid compiler warning (comparison signed/unsigned)

2013-03-05 08:03:16 Tree
[r36650] by peter_vanroose

several variables were redefined, so renamed them

2013-03-05 08:00:49 Tree
[r36649] by peter_vanroose

"spherical_region_attributes" is an enum, not a class or namespace, so removing "spherical_region_attributes::"

2013-03-05 07:51:49 Tree
[r36648] by peter_vanroose

avoid compiler warning (missing EOLN at EOF)

2013-03-05 07:43:07 Tree
[r36647] by peter_vanroose

Doxygen comments require a "\file"

2013-03-05 07:33:55 Tree
[r36646] by peter_vanroose

TABs replaced by spaces

2013-03-04 19:07:31 Tree
[r36645] by scottim

Improved documentation - thanks to Matthew Woehlke for the report.

2013-03-04 18:45:02 Tree
[r36644] by peter_vanroose

renamed (standard template instantiation file naming)

2013-03-04 18:06:43 Tree
[r36643] by peter_vanroose

template instantiation file renamed

2013-03-04 18:03:37 Tree
[r36642] by yidong80

update avoid compiler error on Mac

2013-03-04 17:02:26 Tree
[r36641] by yidong80

update adding utm zone id

2013-03-04 15:03:37 Tree
[r36640] by vxl_robots

daily version number

2013-03-04 12:00:09 Tree
[r36639] by vxl_robots

daily version number

2013-03-03 12:00:16 Tree
[r36638] by vxl_robots

daily version number

2013-03-02 12:00:14 Tree
[r36637] by jainv

removed a duplicate constructor.

2013-03-01 16:17:49 Tree
[r36636] by scottim

Fix bug in sparse matrix IO. Added regression test to catch bug. Thanks to Luciano Lorenti for the report

2013-03-01 16:08:29 Tree
[r36635] by yidong80

update adding land type attributes in volm_p1_matcher

2013-03-01 15:36:20 Tree
[r36634] by yidong80

update modify the method to draw index ray_based image

2013-03-01 15:33:46 Tree
[r36633] by vxl_robots

daily version number

2013-03-01 12:00:06 Tree
[r36632] by jainv

modified the bundle to scene process by adding arguments.

2013-02-28 21:14:20 Tree
[r36631] by jainv

added lvcs coordinates as inputs.

2013-02-28 21:12:44 Tree
[r36630] by jainv

added tests for index region and matcher.

2013-02-28 19:02:59 Tree
[r36629] by jainv

test for volm_spherical_region

2013-02-28 19:00:26 Tree
[r36628] by jainv

tidies up the segmentation sphere code, added a transform function to box_2d and changed some drawing params for unit sphere.

2013-02-28 18:48:45 Tree
[r36627] by jainv

added code to produce a query, index and match the two.

2013-02-28 18:44:38 Tree
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