sorry for not being entirely clear in my previous email.

I did two things. Firstly, I attempted to compile VxL using the ALL_BUILD target. When that resulted in some linker errors, I looked into the cause and found error messages as shown in the example in my original post. Checking whether the vbl.lib, vpl.lib and vul.lib libraries were actually present, I found that they didn't seem to be there (in the bin\lib subdirectory).

Hence, I went into the bin\core\vul, bin\core\vbl and bin\core\vpl directories, respectively, opened up the respective .sln files, ran build, which created the missing libraries and put them into the bin\lib directory, as expected.

So, secondly, I thought I check whether I could figure out what the problem with the ALL_BUILD target was by looking at the individual projects that showed the linker errors. For example, taking vnl_algo_test_all, I opened up the project and ran build, but got the same linker error. I had a look at the project properties for this particular project (and others with the same linker error, but for simplicity, I will stick to talking about vnl_algo_test_all) and found that the linker input -> additional dependencies contained the following libraries:


I thought it was odd that it would not have the prefix ..\..\..\..\lib\Debug\ for vul.lib as well, like it does for the other libraries, so in that sense it is not surprising that the linker can't find the library.

I can manually edit the dependency so as to correctly point to the library, then run build again and then the build succeeds, but I still find it somewhat odd that I would have to do manually for the 35 odd subprojects in the ALL_BUILD target that showed those linker errors.

I hope this helps explaining my dilemma.