While recompiling, Cmake doesnot automatically detect the jpeg, mpeg, dcmtk, png etc libraries. For dcmtk, I see the folders dcmdata, dcmimgle, ofstd each with their own include and library folders. However for Jpeg, theres just one folder ..\vxl-1.4.0\v3p\jpeg. I just wanted to make sure whether the same directory should be the jpeg library path and the Jpeg include directory in the cmake options.

Thanks for your replies.

On 1/12/06, Gehua Yang <yangg2@rpi.edu> wrote:
Presuming you are using CMake to manage the programs, you can focus on
what you use in your code.  For instance, if you use vil in your
program, then link against vil.  If you use vil/algo/vil*, link against

CMake will take care of the underlying dependencies for you.


William Wallace wrote:

> Hi
> Another question regarding linking..are there any generic rules by
> which one can guess what will be the libraries to link against for a
> particular program using vxl? I mean I am doing this currently by
> looking at the errors generated by my compiler...is there a better way?
> Thanks
> William